Saturday, December 30, 2017

Adriana Caselotti's Snow White Dress

Adriana Caselotti was no stranger to the Snow White dress. She wore it on countless occasions, usually out on public appearance tours to publicize the latest Disney re-release of film. She also posed for numerous in-studio photo sessions.

Chicago Herald-Examiner, April 22, 1938.

Clipping from Adriana Caselotti estate via Heritage Auctions.

Adriana in her 1958 dress promoting the re-release of the movie that year.

B&W image copyright Disney.

Additional public engagements included fan conventions, school groups, and other affairs. This pink and yellow version--Adriana's last--belonged to her. She greets a group of school children in 1988 at her southern California home.

She was pictured wearing it for a write-up in the September 21, 1993 edition of the supermarket tabloid, Globe.

Pink dress images via Heritage Auctions.

Though the dress design had changed through the years, Adriana's joyful personality did not. When she wore it, she truly did so with a smile and a song. See a few more examples of Adriana with a Snow White dress in a recent Archive entry.


  1. Adriana appeared with Julie Andrews in a segment of the weekly Julie Andrews Hour TV show of the 70's!

    1. What a forgotten gem this is! Thanks for sharing the link François. :)