Friday, December 22, 2017

Walt Disney Photo & Inscription to Adriana Caselotti's Father

A black & white photograph of Walt Disney was recently sold at auction. The photographer was Clarence Sinclair Bull. An inscription along the lower third is written from Walt to Guido Caselotti.

Images via Heritage Auctions.

From the Heritage Auctions description:
Adriana Caselotti's father was Guido Caselotti, a music and vocal coach. It is said that Walt Disney had asked Mr Caselotti for a recommendation for a voice for Snow White and upon hearing this, his daughter, Adriana asked to audition for the role. This is a stunning Clarence Sinclair Bull photo of Walt Disney that is boldly inscribed in black ink as follows: "Best Wishes to Maestro Caselotti, the teacher of Adriana -- the voice of Snow White, Walt Disney."

Clarence Sinclair Bull, a noted Hollywood Glamour photographer of the 1930s and 40s, embossed the photo in the lower left. The significance of this signed photo and relationship between Walt Disney and Mr. Caselotti makes this one of the most important Walt Disney-signed pieces to come to market. From the Estate of Miss Adriana Caselotti.

Guido Caselotti was known for his vocal instruction. He is pictured on this technique record, The Bel Canto Method As Taught and Performed by Maestro Guido Caselotti. Custom Fidelity Records label. No. CF-1415.

From the Adriana Caselotti Estate.

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