Thursday, December 28, 2017

1938 Snow White Jingle Club Laundry Brochure

The Snow White Jingle Club was an advertising campaign from 1938. Kids could join the Jingle Club by mailing in an application card. In return, they would receive a pin-back button and a booklet to be filled with Jingle Cards. (See earlier Archive entry for all the details).

It was primarily a bread promotion employed by bakeries. However, it was also utilized by laundries too. Pictured below is the front cover of a four-page brochure for the Snow White Laundry in Philadelphia. It introduced kids to the Jingle Club and included the mail-in perforated card so they could join. In the next post, we'll see the book and a few of the Jingle Cards distributed by this same laundry.

Image via Heritage Auctions.

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