Friday, December 22, 2017

Adriana Caselotti - Public Appearance Photos & Clippings

In a recent series of offerings at Heritage Auctions, numerous items from the Adriana Caselotti estate were made available. Several were related to the public appearances she made for Disney. Adriana partook in a myriad of promotional events over the years--visiting schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. She appeared on radio, in television specials, and was written up in periodicals and newspapers. Here's a few of the photographic items that were available at auction.

Images via Heritage Auctions.

Snow White stage performance.

Signing autographs for fans.

Visiting hospitals.

Newspaper clippings filled two scrapbooks in Adriana's personal collection. These pictured below date from 1938.

More photos from promotional tours.

Singing on stage at an event for the 1952 re-release.

Heading out on tour again, possibly for the 1958 re-release of Snow White (or maybe the 1957 Cinderella reissue). Adriana poses in a Snow White dress. To our right is Roy Williams (Disney artist and "Big Roy" from the Mickey Mouse Club), and Clarence Nash (the voice of Donald Duck). We're not sure who the man is to the left, although one guess might be Dickie Jones (voice of Pinocchio).

Special thanks to Nunziante Valoroso and François Monferran for their assistance with this post.

The fortunate collectors who took home these winning auctions now possess a gold mine of Adriana Caselotti photographic memorabilia, some of which is rarely seen on the market today.


  1. All those years, it has been written, and even recently, that Miss Caselotti's career was "destroyed" by the fact that the Disney Studio, as to not kill the fantasy, did prevent her from being known as the voice of Snow White! Well ... all of the above, and mostly the news paper clippings of 1938, are a proof that it is pure baloney! She was namely quite associated with the promotion of the film. Which is a good thing! But, the art of creating myths!

    1. True. AC was definitely involved with the promotion of various SW re-releases (although there was a period where she tried to sue Disney for more money). I think when they talk about her "career being destroyed", it might be in reference to Disney not allowing her to be in other films (right after Snow White's first run). I could be mistaken, but she may have been under contract, preventing her from doing other projects (w/o Disney approval). With all of the success the animated film was having in 1938-39, it would have been quite beneficial for her to capitalize on the buzz. Whether it was because of Disney or some other reason, she never really did.