Friday, December 8, 2017

Rare Adriana Caselotti Photos (part 1)

The voice of Snow White, Adriana Caselotti, had professional headshots and publicity photos taken at various stages in her life to help futher her career.

Images via sweetpickensvenice.

Special thanks to William Stillman for letting us know about these photos.

During the later theatrical re-releases of the motion picture, Disney invited Adriana to be a part of the promotional campaigns. These were taken in her southern California home along with costumed cast members.

See even earlier Adriana publicity photos in the next Archive entry.


  1. Wow...super rare, huh? These are fantastic! However, the one of her in the shower with Grumpy is a little bit odd!

    1. She definitely had a good sense of humor. :)

    2. But, according to many who met her - like the Disney animators in particular - Miss Caselotti had a rather "odd" personality! "Odd" in a positive , yet "annoying" way! ;-)

    3. Quirky :)

      But I like that in a person.