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Mickey Mouse Magazine - 1938 Valentine's Day Issue

Mickey Mouse Magazine featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, February 1938 Volume 3, No. 5, K. K. Publications, Inc. 34 pages.


Cover image via Bob Fergusson. Used with permission.

There were several incarnations of the Mickey Mouse Magazine. The first series was published in 1933 as a theater and retail store premium. The second version ran from 1933 through to 1935 and was used by national dairies as a giveaway. The third version was a newsstand item that originally sold for 10 cents a copy. Source: Vintage Disney Collectibles

The February 1938 edition actually contained the second installment of a Snow White serial. The first part began in the January Mickey Mouse Magazine (Goofy/Donald cover) before the film went into general release. The last installment of the story appeared in the March issue (Donald/Mickey cover).

MM Magazine V3,#4 Jan.1938; MM Magazine V3,#6 Mar.1938. ImageS via Vintage Collectible Investments and

Snow White serial, February installment.


In addition to the Snow White serial, the February issue also featured a tale by A. A. Milne ("A Voyage to India"), Goofy and Donald Duck comics, Valentine's Day activities, ads for Whitman Publishing Company's Big Little Books, Snow White outfits for little girls, and on the rear cover--the Ingersoll Mickey Mouse wrist watch.

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Rear Cover. Image via Heritage Auction Galleries.