Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Realistic "Old Hag" Enhancement

Here's an interpretation of the Old Hag/Witch as if she was an actual live human being. It's a nice job by fanpop artist Batesroom1 of incorporating "real life" into the cartoon.

Realistic Old Hag image created by BatesRoom1 via Snow White fanpop.
Special thanks to Kurt Raymond for his assistance with this post.


  1. Yikes, could you imagine meeting that in the woods? o.O

  2. Realistic, perhaps, but definitely NOT an "actual" human being. The hands are quite chilling, but the face... In Her Majesty's own words, "Bah!" ;)

    This is more realistic:

  3. Excellent work by BatesRoom1 , but , as Kenneth says she is NOT a real human being! However I can never get enough images of the Old Witch/Peddler Woman/Wicked Queen as with all great disney Villains/Villainesses it is THEY that make the movies they appear in!

  4. Ken--The Viewmaster image of the old SWA Witch is a chiller! She'd certainly scare me if we came face-to-face in some dark alley.

    Muir-- Right on! That's one of the reasons that the removal of the SWSA ride at WDW is such a loss. It has that villainous edge.