Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1955 McCall's Spread - Snow White Ride

January 1955, the grand opening of Walt Disney's Disneyland is only a few months away. In anticipation, McCall's magazine featured full color concept art from the park including a spread of the Snow White's Adventures ride.

Image courtesy of Vintage Disneyland Tickets

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  1. The Disney lore has always been that Snow White was not on the attraction initially and that guests were confused by this "point of view" styling; however, in this diagram, she is clearly on the attraction in 2 different places. I also have a photo of her being in the attraction that dates back to 1972; the Disney publicity machine has claimed that her absence wasn't fixed until Tony Baxter's 1983 Fantasyland remodel. Do you know whether she was on the ride from day one or not?

  2. That's all I've ever read too, that Snow White was not actually part of the attraction until the renovation. However, as you pointed out, she does appear in this diagram. I would love to see the photo you have from 1972, and I'll keep looking into it to see if more info can be dug up.