Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snow White Serigraph Cels

A serigraph cel (or sericel) is a mechanically produced composite piece created through a silkscreen-like process called serigraphy. The image is transferred to layered acetate sheets. A serigraph cel is by no means an original hand-inked cel, although the design is usually patterned after one from the original movie artwork. As such, its value lies is in the eye of the beholder rather then in its historical significance. If you look to resell a sericel, it's probable that you will never recoup your original investment. Yet, they do make nice decorative wall hangings and can be quite gratifying if that is your intent in owning one.

A Snow White and Doc design was created in the 1980s by the Chicago Serigraph Workshop. They used the movie's original animation drawings as their guide. It is comprised of 17 mylar sheets--one for each color. Limited edition of 9500. Includes the Disney serigraph seal. Online, you can find it matted and framed with a variety of different backgrounds, although white seems to be the most common.

Another mat features the 50th Anniversary logo.

This one includes a background scene (plus a signature from Marc Davis).

The piece was listed in the Fall 1987 Walt Disney Family Gift Catalog. Retail price $104.95.

Catalog courtesy of the François Monferran Collection.


Numerous other Snow White serigraph cels have been created by the Disney Company. Here's a few examples.

  • LE 9500 (1990)

  • LE 1000 (1991?)

  • LE 2500 (1992)

  • LE 5000 (1993)

  • LE 5000 (1994)

  • LE 7500 (1994)

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