Monday, April 26, 2010

Snow White / Star Wars Mashup

A Snow White/Star Wars mashup by

Snow White n 7 Stormtroopers

Interesting details to note:
  • Snow White is of course wearing Princess Leia's dress and hair buns, but she still has her red bow. 
  • They're in the interrogation cell room, but Snow is sitting on a carved wooden chair from the dwarfs' cottage.
  • The skull-faced apple from the Evil Queen's dungeon from the IT-O Interrogator droid employed by Darth Vader in his questioning of Leia.
  • Imperial insignias adorn the hoods of the dwarfs who have all donned stormtrooper uniforms.
  • And is that the apple on the back wall, a red Death Star, or a red planet?


  1. The "skull" is actually the Apple right after it has been dipped and right before it turns red.