Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1993 Timex Heart-Shaped Watch and Bracelet

Released in 1993, this Snow White wristwatch was manufactured by Timex and features a gold plated heart-shaped case and mini-hearts that mark the quarter hours. Embossed leather band. Original retail price $24.95. The Snow White illustration of white lines in her hair first appeared during the 1993 theatrical re-release of the film.

Original packaging. Item no. 80211.

The watch was featured in the 1994 Holiday Disney Catalog (p.13)...

Disney Catalog scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


A similar heart-shaped watch design was used with this Seven Dwarfs charm bracelet. For wrists up to 7.5".  It has "Timex" and "WB" markings.

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  1. You should see my band-aid. I don't have so much things about Snow White, but I love Disney..and when I saw your Snow White, I just fall in love again. can I made a poster from one of your Snow White's picture? 'Snow White by Dan Beltran, digital media'?