Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1993 Timex Heart-Shaped Watch and Bracelet

Released in 1993, this Snow White wristwatch was manufactured by Timex and features a gold plated heart-shaped case and mini-hearts that mark the quarter hours. Embossed leather band. Original retail price $24.95. The Snow White illustration of white lines in her hair first appeared during the 1993 theatrical re-release of the film.

Watch images via Rich Uncle's Attic.

Original packaging. Item no. 80211.

Image via barbwhyr40.

The watch was featured in the 1994 Holiday Disney Catalog (p.13)...

Disney Catalog scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


A similar heart-shaped watch design was used with this Seven Dwarfs charm bracelet. For wrists up to 7.5".  It has "Timex" and "WB" markings.

Bracelet images via angelinathatsme!

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  1. You should see my band-aid. I don't have so much things about Snow White, but I love Disney..and when I saw your Snow White, I just fall in love again. can I made a poster from one of your Snow White's picture? 'Snow White by Dan Beltran, digital media'?