Thursday, September 20, 2012

1983 'Disney Collectors Society' Ceramic Medallion

The Walt Disney Collectors Society (WDCS) was formed in 1993 by the Walt Disney Company to enhance the collecting of porcelain sculptures found in the Walt Disney Classics Collection. However, WDCS is not to be confused with something called the Disney Collectors Society (DCS).

The DCS was established a decade earlier in 1983. Charter members received this "Snow White and Friends" ceramic medallion which measures approximately 3" in diameter. Made in Japan.

Images and additional info courtesy of TokyoMagic! at Meet the World.

Backside ...


What was The Disney Collectors Society? Grolier Enterprises was responsible for its formation. The publisher of The Disneyana Collector newsletter (seen in previous post), they were also the producers of many collectible plates, ornaments, figurines, and other nice pieces. The Disney Collectors Society was a means by which to market these and other items to buyers of Disneyana.

Accompanying the Snow White medallion was a membership card that read, "a service of Grolier Enterprises, Inc."

Doing a Google search, though, does not reveal much more about the Society or its membership. While it may not have lasted too long, DCS did serve an important role. It was probably one of the main reasons that the Disney Company started their own Walt Disney Collectors Society a decade later. The WDCS brought to the market the Walt Disney Classics Collection, some of the finest-sculpted porcelain figurine pieces ever produced in the Disneyana world.


  1. Now I want to know what happened to my membership card. It has to be here somewhere!