Saturday, September 1, 2012

Palmolive Paper Doll Cards

Snow White Card #12

Issued in Belgium by Palmolive Soap, this Snow White paper doll cut-out set of 12 collector cards dates from circa 1938-39. Each measures approximately 4.75" x 6.25" (120mm x 160mm). All of the characters including the forest animals are printed in multicolored illustrations on regular cardstock. The copyright on the front reads "PAR AUT. WALT DISNEY--MICKEY MOUSE S.A."

The backside of each card is identical except for the numbers (1-12). The text is written in both French and Dutch and describes the set of paper doll cut-outs.

Card Backside. Translation provided by Disney Showcase Key.

In addition, the back of the card mentions a board game called "Villa Palmolive" which was purchased separately from retailers. It cost one Franc. Apparently, the game was not initially designed for the Snow White figures but was now being promoted in conjunction with the paper dolls.

The cards came packaged not inside the actual soap bar wrappers but instead as a complete set of 12 inside this Palmolive envelope. You received the cards when you purchased a special pack of 12 soap bars. "You'll get a card with every 'bar' of Palmolive..."

Card Envelope Package via honey4u_66.

Card #1 (Happy)

Happy Card via honey4u_66.

Card #2 (Bashful)

Card #3 (Doc)

Card #4 (Sleepy and Huntsman)

Card #5 (Sneezy)

Card #6 (Dopey)

Card #7 (Snow White, Magic Mirror)

Card #8 (Old Witch)

Card #9 (Grumpy)

Card #10 (Evil Queen)

Card #11 (Snow White and Prince)

Card images courtesy of The Bubblegum Hall of Fame (except where otherwise noted). 

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