Sunday, December 8, 2013

2012 Snow White Theme Park Ornament

Sold at the Disney parks, this particular Snow White ornament was purchased by doll enthusiast drj1828 from the China Closet shop on Main Street at Disneyland. Measures approximately 6" tall. Retail $17.95.

Here's a description from his photostream...
From the waist up she is a resin figurine, very detailed and quite movie accurate. From the waist down she is a doll with a three layered skirt, but without legs. The skirt's layers are a yellow tulle overskirt with iridescent glitter, a yellow satin skirt, then a white tulle petticoat with lacy trim...stiff enough that the ornament can free stand, despite the fact that it doesn't have any legs.

Images courtesy of drj1828.

It's very similar to the 2011 Snow White ornament released by the Disney Store, except that figure had legs and held an apple in her hand.


  1. This one is cute; I can't tell if she is supposed to dancing the Samba, or if she should have a little bluebird perched on her finger!