Saturday, October 2, 2010

1994 Snow White Home Video - Lithographs

Ten lithos were included with the Exclusive Deluxe Edition Video set from 1994. Each 9" x 11" print depicts a one-sheet poster from the theatrical releases of Snow White. (Interestingly absent from this group is representation from the 1944 re-release.)

Protective envelope for housing the lithographs

1994 Snow White Exclusive Deluxe Edition Lithographs.
All images from the Filmic Light Collection.


  1. I own this 1994 collection. 9 years ago I was at a flea market in Philadelphia and I purchased it for $40 back then, It is in mint condition except for a small tear on the corner of the box. Everything is intact and the video's are still sealed. Can someone tell me what this is worth today?

    1. I'm not an appraiser, but the $40 you paid 9 years ago still sounds about right in today's market.