Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2009 Snow White Home Video - Limited Edition Diamond Collector Set

The Limited Edition Diamond Collector Set was the ultimate in 2009's Snow White home video selections. The "red box" with the gold embossed lettering contained:

A. The 3-disc set (2 Blu-Ray/1 DVD) in Blu-Ray packaging
B. A 160 page book by Jeff Kurtti
C. Eight lithograph reproductions of original character sketch drawings
D. An 8-piece dwarf pin set and case
E. Certificate of Authenticity

The Box:

Limited Edition Diamond Collector Box

The box has an elegant velvet touch exterior. However, the paperboard interior is far from plush and leaves a lot to be desired considering its high retail price. Removing the contents requires careful attention or tears (both meanings of the word) will result.

Inside detail of ripped paperboard.

The Book:

Walt Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the same title offered in the 2009 Collector Book Set except the dimensions are larger (approx. 9.25" x 11.25") and the monogram cover design is unique to this package. The ISBN is also different: 978-1-4231-3068-0.

Book Front Cover

Close-up of Front Leaf Plate

Title Page (different from the Collector Book Set)

Lithos and Pins:

The eight lithographs and eight-piece pin set are both covered in more detail in the upcoming posts.

Lithos and Pins


This Limited Edition Diamond Collector Set (only 21,300 made) was originally listed at $250.00 (US), but at the time of this writing, Disney.com is offering it for $189.99, Amazon.com for $150.00 and numerous re-sellers for as low as $118.95...that's mint and sealed in the box with the official "Buena Vista" stamp. Occasionally an opened set will appear in the online auctions and will sell for substantially less.

Factory-sealed with Buena Vista stamp. This one stays in the shrink-wrap!

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  1. Wow - have never seen that before! That truly is a collector's piece - beautiful! Although I would be just as annoyed/upset as you with the inside cardboard tearing :(.