Thursday, October 21, 2010

2009 Snow White Home Video - Pins and Buttons

The 8-piece pin package from the Limited Edition Diamond Collector Set came in a red velvet box and contained seven individual dwarf pins and an eighth pin of the "SW" monogram design (found also on the book cover that accompanied the collection).

An early promotional image showed a completely different mock-up for the pin set.

Early mock-up of dwarf pin set.

The actual pins.

2009 Dwarf Pin Set

Dwarfs Close-up

"SW" Monogram Pin

"SW" Monogram Pin

Back reads:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Diamond Collector Set Exclusive
Limited Edition
© Disney

See scrapper warning for this pin set.


The Limited Edition 2009 DVD Release hinged pin was sold and traded at theme parks. It's interesting to note that it actually has the word "Platinum" printed on the faux DVD inside rather than "Diamond".

  2009 DVD Release hinged pin, LE 1500. Retail price $13.95 (US).


Pin-back buttons worn by employees in stores where the video was sold.

2009 Pin-back button (3" x 2.125").

This one emits a flashing red light from the Witch's apple.

2009 Flashing light pin-back button (3" x 2").


Disney pin with Diamond Edition cover art.

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