Thursday, October 7, 2010

2001 Snow White Home Video - Platinum Edition DVD

On October 9, 2001, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs became the premiere release in the Disney Platinum Edition DVD series. Over a million copies were sold on the first day alone. A 2-disc set, this DVD was an event! A "VIP guided tour" behind the scenes of Disney's masterpiece, it was loaded with extras and hosted by Roy E. Disney.

The case...

The two discs...

The insert...

A fold-out center with a menu to all the Disc 2 supplemental material...


For those fans still interested in the tape format, Disney did release a Platinum Edition VHS.

Note the Buena Vista stamp on the bottom shrinkwrap...

All images from the Filmic Light Collection.


  1. Seeing this great DVD cover art reminds me that the famous deleted "Boil Cauldron Boil! " Witch At The Cauldron sequence included on the 2001 DVD was NOT included in the so called " definitive" Blu Ray released last October!

  2. Yes Wobble, the 2001 DVD was loaded! Hard to top it.

  3. make me sick goin' brrr brrr brrr. he. next day it should be tha up on the mix spending yes the conner buh omm pajjjj

  4. Does anyone know where I can get the fold-out supplemental material. I have a son with autism who is obsessing about it not being with the DVDs we purchased online.

    1. Hi Jean. Probably your best bet is on a reseller site like ebay. To insure that you get the supplemental material, you'd want to look for a 2001 DVD that is still in its original shrinkwrap, which should have the Buena Vista stamp on it.