Saturday, October 23, 2010

2009 Snow White Home Video - A Few Canadian and European Releases

The Canadian bi-lingual packaging.

2009 Canadian Bi-Lingual French + English DVD/BR Packages.


A sampling of the many 2009 European PAL choices starting with Germany.

2009 Deutschland DVDs from the 2-Disc DVD Package.

2009 Deutschland 2-Disc Blu-Ray + DVD in Blu-Ray Packaging.

2009 Deutschland Limited Edition Diamond Collector Set.


A variety of French two-packs.

2009 French DVD Two-Pack: Princess and the Frog + Snow White.

2009 French Blu-Ray Two-Pack: Snow White + Pinocchio or Sleepy Beauty.

2009 French DVD Two-Pack: Snow White + Sleeping Beauty.


A United Kingdom 2-movie pack.

2009 UK DVD Two-Pack: Snow White + Sleeping Beauty.

The UK Collector's Edition contains a 2-Disc DVD set (not Blu-Ray) and book. The film is featured in English, Hindi and Dutch languages.

2009 UK DVD Collector's Edition.

Certain UK-based stores offered special Gift-with-Purchase incentives.

UK music and video store HMV sold limited edition Blu-Rays and DVDs containing a souvenir film cel.
Images via Disneylicious. Used with permission.

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