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"How To Draw Snow White" Book

 1993 Front Cover

In the 1990s, publisher Walter Foster released the Disney How to Draw Series, a collection of instruction books featuring characters from the animated films. These oversize softcovers contain easy step-by-step lessons for drawing both the main characters and the supporting cast.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was one of these early titles (along with Bambi, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin). Although marketed for children, the instruction is useful for anyone first learning to sketch these illustrated figures.

The introductory pages give a little history on the making of the film and then some basic information on general drawing techniques. The first lesson begins with Snow White's head and facial expressions...

A nice feature of this book is its colorful background imagery. Whether it's the wishing well or a forest glade, these designs only help to enhance the experience of the drawing instruction. The compilation books which were published later do not include this lovely aspect.

Next are steps in drawing the full body followed by some action poses...

The 44-page book includes similar instruction for all of the Dwarfs, the Queen and Witch, the Prince, and the Huntsman. Also covered are the forest animals, the Queen's raven and even a sinister vulture.

1993 Back Cover

How to Draw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1993 Edition
Illustrated by David Pacheco and Diana Wakeman
ISBN-10: 1560101644
ISBN-13: 978-1560101642

In the 2000s, the collection was renamed the Disney Learn to Draw Series and updated with more books from other films. Today, the Snow White title is no longer available new, although it can be picked up used via any number of online resellers.


How to Draw Princesses (later released as Learn to Draw Princesses) is a 32-page compilation of drawing instruction taken somewhat from the individual books. It features each of the six princesses pictured on the cover plus Tinker Bell. Introduction written by Catherine McCafferty and published by Walter Foster in 2004.

While this title gives the budding artist a broader sampling of princesses to choose from, it does not include any of the supporting characters.

The "How to Draw" cover updated to "Learn to Draw".

How to use this book...

The Snow White instruction pages are fewer and more basic than those found in her original 1993 How-to-Draw book.

See the book in its entirety on Scribd or purchase it cheap at Amazon or from the publisher.

ISBN-10: 1560106999
ISBN-13: 9781560106999


In 2010, Walter Foster published an updated version of Learn to Draw Favorite Princesses. The book included the newest character to join the princess team, Tiana. Also added were Mulan and Pocahontas plus numerous supporting characters from the more recent films. No new material, however, was added to the original three princesses, and Tink was bumped to the Learn to Draw the Fairies of Pixie Hollow book.

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ISBN-10: 1600581455
ISBN-13: 978-1600581458


  1. Gee, drawing those characters is so easy, I am no longer impressed with animation! ;-)

  2. I wonder how many kids were frustrated by drawing the legs as shown in the guide, then just erasing them because they were covered by a dress.

    Drawing Snow White is complicated!

  3. Connie-- Glad you liked it. It's a nice looking book.

    Major Pepperidge-- Yep, Disney's kinda shot themselves in the foot by publishing these books. Now anyone can draw like the Nine Old Men. ;)

    Dan-- Good point. :)

  4. I totally had the Donald Duck version of that book. His beak was always a challenge!

    x The Pretty Secrets