Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WDCC Musical Dwarf Figurines, 1995

This set of Silly Song-playing Dwarfs were each sold individually and released over a period of 6 months back in 1995. Each came with a Certificate of Authenticity in the box. The first year bottom mark is Practical Pig's Trowel. All were sculpted by WDCC artist Kent Melton, and all were retired in May of 2004


Released: March
Retail: $105 (USD)
Stands 5" tall. 
He holds a pewter drum stick in right hand, in the other an antique-looking brushed gold brass cymbal strung with a leather cord.

Item Number: 11K-41074-0 (Old)/1028563 (Current)

Dopey images via enchantica-half, bevisl-m, and disfam5.

Video posted by The Collection Shop.


"Ah-Choo!" (Sneezy)
Released March
Retail: $95
Stands 4 1/2” tall.

Item Number: 11K-41073-0 (Old)/1028562 (Current)


"Cheerful Leader" (Doc)
Released: June
Retail: $100
Stands 5 1/4” tall. 
Doc's right hand is making the symbol for "love" in sign language. The strings on his instrument and his glasses are made of metal wire.

Item Number: 11K-41071-0 (Old)/1028560 (Current)


"Aw Shucks" (Bashful)
Released: June
Retail: $90
Stands 5"tall.

Item Number: 11K-41069-0 (Old)/1028558 (Current)

Bashful images via fshrmnswf.


"ZZZzzz" (Sleepy)
Released: June
Retail: $95
Stands 3 1/4” tall.
Note the fly on his nose.

Item Number: 11K-41066-0 (Old)/1028555 (Current)


"Happy, That's Me!"
Released: June
Retail: $125
Stands 5 1/2" tall.
The spigot on Happy's keg is made of metal.

Item Number: 11K-41064-0 (Old)/1028551 (Current)


"Humph!" (Grumpy)
Released: August
Retail: $180
Grumpy stands 4 1/2” tall; the organ is 7 1/4”.
Two piece set. The intricately carved organ is made of resin.

Item Number: 11K-41065-0 (Old)/1028552 (Current)

All images via lumenator unless otherwise noted.


  1. I've got Doc and Dopey, bought at Disneyland Paris before 2000.
    I've also have the WDCC Snow White "the fairest one of all".
    I've the dream to find the others dwarfs from this serie a day, somewhere .
    The organ is fabulous !

    1. I'm selling my pieces if interested I have all the dwarfs with the organ. 909-477-7949 no box no certificate, due to the rushed move from a divorce. Thx.

  2. I have Sleepy, and I used to have Snow White, but she broke. The WDCC figures are all awesome. I wish they weren't so dadblame expensive.

  3. These are all so wonderful! I'm assuming that the figures are ceramic. I wonder why the organ is resin?

  4. I joined the WDCC in the first year because I was blown away by the beauty of their pieces. Unfortunately, the prices were unrealistic (IMHO) so I did not renew my membership.

  5. These are stunning! Particularly Happy on the barrel and Grumpy with the separate organ.

  6. DSK-- I see this figurines on ebay now and then, but they're not inexpensive. And yes the organ looks very cool!

    Shane-- Yes, dadblame expensive is right.

    Tokyo-- They're made of porcelain. Oops, I forgot to mention that. I'm guessing that the organ is resin to keep the cost of the figurine down (relatively speaking).

    Connie-- I was a member for a year too. Love the piece I own (SW from 2002, coming up in a future post), but again, not inexpensive.

    Sheryl-- I agree. The Kent Melton sculpts are some of the most dynamic in the WDCC series.

  7. I was a member too in 2009 for the first time.
    Sadly, the Walt Disney Collector Society stopped in 2010 but I had the opportunity to get Dopey "Gleeful Grin" and Snow White apple ornament .

  8. DSK-- Those are nice pieces. I'll have a couple of posts on those coming up later in the year.