Monday, June 27, 2011

More Joe Grant Sketches

Evil Queen/Old Witch designs and idea sketches by Joe Grant. Images copyright Disney, most via the 2010 book Two Guys Named Joe by animation historian John Canemaker.

 Queen concept drawing. Two Guys...p135.

  Old Witch sketches. Two Guys...p137-138.

Witch model sheet, Two Guys...p136.

Pastel of Witch. Before the Animation Begins, Canemaker...p52.

See earlier post for more on Joe Grant.


  1. The second one is very known but it's the first time I see the others .
    Thanks for this discovery !

  2. I have always liked that pose that the Witch makes (third to last pic) when she realizes the Dwarfs are coming!

  3. DSK-- You're welcome. Glad you liked them as much as I do.

    Tokyo-- Yes, that's a very expressive piece. Joe nailed it with this one.

  4. Gorgeous! The second one is so sinister yet so graceful!

  5. I love the model sheet for the Witch she looks so evil - Joe was a master at his craft! I was very lucky to meet him in July 1988 and to visit his home in which I remember seeing a Witch pastel prominently displayed, along with his many Hollywood caricatures from magazines he'd worked on in the late twenties. I also love the Sketch on the model sheet from the Deleted Witch At The Cauldron scene " Boil Cauldron Boil! " - which was , very annoyingly missed out on the so called "Complete" Blu Ray after having been on the Laserdisc Set and first DVD release!