Monday, April 20, 2015

1938 Framed Snow White Pictures

A series of eight color prints featuring Snow White and the Dwarfs was issued in 1938. Each is marked "© W.D. Ent." The framed pictures with glass were available for purchase by the public, and were also used as promotional give-aways, such as in the Jingle Club bread campaign.

The pictures were offered in a various fancy wooden frame styles. Measures 5.25" x 6".

Fancy frame pics via iskowitz rare coins.

The same prints in slightly different frames are found on p.193 of the 1974 Disneyana book by Cecil Munsey. According to the author, they were "sold by Artisto, Inc. of NYC. Each picture came with an antiqued frame in a box and retailed for 39¢." Other Disney characters were also produced.

More frames are seen on p.149 of The Collector's Encyclopedia of Disneyana by David Longest and Michael Stern.

The prints were issued in metal frames too.

Metal frames via anthony's collectibles.

The style of frame and material you got was probably dependent upon where and when the orders were placed and processed. Here's a few more examples.

Additional images via legendary auctions.

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