Thursday, April 16, 2015

1938 Snow White Book, Whitman No. 927

Book no. 927, another of the many 1938 Snow White titles printed by Whitman Publishing Company. Contains 12 illustrated pages (including covers). Most of the scenes come directly from the film, with a couple of "concept art" drawings thrown in too. Measures 8.75" x 12.25". Linen-like pages.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Whitman Publishing Company, 1938. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.
Cover image via Heritage Auctions. Additional pics via ebayer-aardvrk.


  1. These are lovely illustrations Robert thank you so much for posting them I have never seen this book anywhere!

    1. Of all the Whitman SW books out there, this one seems to show up for sale somewhat less often than many of the others. Glad you like it; I like it too.