Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dopey Challenge Tees

The Dopey Challenge is a 48.6 mile run event that takes place each January over four courses through the Walt Disney World parks. For a limited time (April 28 - May 7), this 2016 "I'm training" tee is available online at the Disney Store. Polyester. Men and women sizes, retail $36.95. Child size, $32.95.

Item Nos.Item No. 7405056321617M + 7407056321619M.

Women's Item No. 7405056321618M.
Stock image copyright Disney.

And from the Travel On A Dream blog, we get to see what the 2015 shirt looked like, plus a participant lanyard, metal, and pin.

Also see the 2014 Dopey Challenge tee in an earlier post.

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