Tuesday, April 28, 2015

1977 Coca-Cola Bottle Caps from Brazil

A series of Disney character Coke bottle caps were issued in Brazil in 1977.  In small print along the inside rim is the year and "© Walt Disney Productions". Snow White and the dwarfs were included in the collection with their names printed in Portuguese. Each is numbered.

Branca De Neve is #29.

Atchim (Sneezy) #22.

Soneca (Sleepy) #23

Dengoso (Bashful) #25

These particular caps come from collector Brian Main, who says his set is not yet complete but that there are at least 72 in the series, based upon the highest number he has. A few other examples include Urtigao #21, who was popular in Brazil and found in Donald Duck comics; Barrica (Mr. Smee) #57 from Peter Pan; and Mickey #60.

Additional Mickey image via ldrbryan.

We're still missing four of the dwarfs in this collection. If anyone has pics they'd like to share, we'll be happy to add them and give you credit.


  1. When i was in high school I went on a summer missions trip to Brazil I collected the whole set of these bottle caps for my little sister who was 6 or 7 at the time. She still has them

    1. The whole set is difficult to come by. We would be happy to post pics of her collection if you would like to email us photos.