Saturday, June 25, 2016

1993 Snow White/Evil Queen "Company D" Watch

1993 cast member wristwatch. Evil Queen on a gold tone bezel with "Magic Mirror" motif. Diameter 1.25" (32 mm). "As the watch ticks off seconds, the image below the crystal changes from solid black into a full color Show White. then slowly fades out again." Stainless steel caseback. Black leather band. Numbered limited edition of 750. Sold with purple velvet pouch (9.5" x 2.5"). INFO VIA HAKES.

Images via Hakes and goldenappleonline.


  1. I like the concept behind the watch and the fact that it isn't the mirror's face that appears, but rather the mirror showing the Queen "Who is the fairest one of all". Isn't 750 an awfully small edition....especially for a cast members only item? I would think that there would've been far more than 750 cast members that wanted to buy that watch.

    1. Yeah, you'd think they would have made more, but the lower quantity, of course, makes the demand higher. I've got a post coming up next for a 2004 DL cast watch limited to just 700.