Sunday, June 5, 2016

1938 Snow White Wrap Party - Part 2 (night)

The Evening Activities...

Walt's Field Day (June 4-5, 1938) was planned as a way for Disney to give back to his staff for all the hard work they'd put in on Snow White over the previous three and a half years. The daytime events included such activities as footraces, swimming, and baseball. Yet, when evening arrived, the itinerary and the mood changed. With plenty of food, drink, and music on hand, the dancing and romance got a little wild.

Photos via the BabbitBlog. The dinning room of the Lake Norconian Resort.

Walt, wife Lillian, and Snow White director Dave Hand. Walt and Lillian wouldn't arrive to the party until that evening for dinner.

Drinking started in the early afternoon. By 9:00 pm, dancing kicked in. Snow White live-action model--Marge Belcher--is seen here in the flowered dress.

And here she is guzzling from a water pitcher. Note the sporting event handsome cups on the table. They would be handed out to the winners later in the evening.

Since the Snow White movie was doing so well in theatres, many animators and artists were hoping when Walt addressed the group with his evening speech, that there would be an announcement of financial bonuses for everyone--something that was hinted at during the production of the film. However, no such statement was made that night. As the party wore on, reports of drunkenness, nudity and promiscuity increased; Walt was not pleased. You can learn all the juicy details from the Disney History Institute Podcast.

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