Saturday, January 30, 2016

1938 "Famous Seven Dwarfs" Book, Whitman No. 944

Walt Disney's Famous Seven Dwarfs, the second book with this same title to be printed in 1938 by Whitman Publishing Company. This is a small, thin book but with cardboard covers. Illustrations are in both B+W and color. Contains 20 numbered pages. Designed for slightly older readers than the previous book--more text. Measures 10" x 11.25". Copyright Walt Disney Enterprises.

A few sample pages.

It's the film story as we know it, but it does include some extras too, like the bed building scene: Instead of going to work at the mine the next day, the dwarfs gather in the forest to figure out a gift they could make for Snow White. It was here that the forest animals raced to in order to warn them that the Old Witch was at the cottage with the princess.

The story ends with the Prince's kiss and the dwarfs rejoicing. However, the last illustration we're left with is that of Snow White still in her "sleeping death" state and the Seven kneeling at her side.

Back cover.

Whitman book No. 944.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Whitman Publishing Company, 1938. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

Special thanks to the Michael Filippello Collection for sharing these images.


  1. How much would something like this be worth?

    1. Hi there. Unfortunately, we're not appraisers so we really don't know what this book is worth financially. If it's in fine shape, then it seems like a good price could be had for it. It's definitely a vintage title that isn't seen all that often.