Friday, January 1, 2016

Snow White Artwork by Noah

Disney artist Noah grew up in southern California and was a regular visitor to Disneyland.
I have been blessed with the unique opportunity to create art that helps carry on the legacy and heritage of Walt Disney's dream. My goal is to continue to impact the lives of both young and old with the magic I have been so fortunate to take part in.
His monochromatic paint and Asian-influenced style add a new dimension to the Disney characters.
I like to mix photorealism with drips and texture. It contradicts itself and works to the very end – the organic and natural contrasts beautifully with the structure of the airbrush and photorealism. It's a nice marriage of techniques that gives the work more depth. The effect is almost trompe - l'oeil, French for 'trick the eye', which is an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects appear in three-dimensions. This is especially true of the water drops on the flowers. SOURCE: COLLECTORS EDITIONS
Giclée prints (and apparel) featuring Noah's art have been sold at the theme parks since he first teamed up with Disney, with many also available online at the Disney Store. For the latest on his work, visit his website at


Snow White-themed paintings by Noah:

Who's the Fairest in the Land released in 2014.


Snow White and Prince, part of the Disney Crush series from 2013.


True Love's Kiss Giclée, created especially for Walt Disney World and Disneyland to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the film in 2012. It also appeared online at the Disney Store in 2013 and is still available today. Several different sizes and styles to choose from. All signed by the artist. Each includes a certificate of authenticity.

Gallery wrapped 16'' x 24", limited edition of 295. Giclée on wood-framed canvas, image size 18'' x 27'', frame 25'' x 35'', LE 195. Also a framed size of 27'' x 37'', LE 95. Rolled Canvas 18'' x 27", LE 295. Retail $175.00 - $650.00.

Item No. 7409055780858MS.


From the Villains 2.0 series in 2012, the Poison Apple and A Poisoned Plan.


''Heartless Evil Queen". Created for sale at the US theme parks, also online at the Disney Store in February 2016. Limited Edition giclée available in a variety of formats. Gallery wrapped on canvas, unframed 24'' H x 18'' W, limited edition 295; Canvas, framed 27'' H x 20 1/4'' W, LE 195; Canvas, framed 30'' H x 22 1/2'' W, lE 95. Retail between $325.00 - $650.00. Also issued was a paper print with pre-cut double mat, 18'' H x 14'' W. $39.95.

Item Nos. 7409055781985MS + Item No. 7409055781984P.


Villain Evil Queen Giclée, part of Noah's first Villains Collection. Available at the parks since 2011 and online. Wrapped, rolled, and framed versions available. $175.00 - $650.00

Item No. 7409055780848MS.


Awaiting the Kiss from 2011. Behold Her Heart circa 2008.

Stock images copyright Noah/Disney.


  1. Wow! He's especially good at evoking a sense of menace in his work!


    Happy new year everyone!

    1. And to you too Maxime. Thanks for sharing the link from Dave's sight.