Saturday, October 2, 2010

1994 Snow White Home Video - LaserDisc (US)

The Snow White Masterpiece Collection laserdisc was issued in the United States (as was the VHS) in both a standard and deluxe version.

The Standard LaserDisc Release:

The Snow White single disc did not offer any bonus features. Yet, it is a Top 100 disc, that is, it's one of the most-owned of all laserdiscs. Due to its popularity, it can be found cheaply online. Original retail price around $30.


The Deluxe CAV LaserDisc Edition:

The Deluxe Edition included three discs, the first two (Sides 1-4) contained the movie in Constant Angular Velocity (CAV), a disc format reserved for special releases. The original full mono soundtrack ran on the left analog channel with music and effects only on the right. The third disc, pressed by Technidisc, was presented in part CAV format and part CLV (Constant Linear Velocity--straight play discs). Separate right and left audio tracks contained alternative information.

Box cover front.

Box cover back.

Inner sleeve front.

Sleeve back.

Disc 3, Side 5 in CLV had the Snow White “Making of” documentary, the featurette about the Carthay Circle premiere, storyboards, character concepts, deleted scenes plus pencil animations (including the test for the Witch's Cauldron). One audio track featured the radio interview with Cecil B. Demille and Walt Disney. Others contained radio commercials.

"Making of" sleeves courtesy of Greg Philip.

Disc 3, Side 6 in CAV had a short biography and timeline of Walt Disney, the original Grimm text, storyboards, abandoned and deleted scenes, character design sketches and more.

Deluxe Edition chapter listing.

The boxed set also included the collection of 10 Lithographs and the Brian Sibley/Richard Hollis book, The Making of the Classic Film.

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