Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jerry Leigh Snow White Pins

In April 2014, friends and fellow-bloggers Nick and Barbie of Disney Musings kindly sent me this Snow White pin. It was produced by the Jerry Leigh company, which until then, I hadn't heard of before.

Based in Orlando, Jerry Leigh is a Disney-licensed manufacturer of gifts and novelties, sold mainly in various resort areas at gift shops, hotels, and airports (and some Targets and Walmarts). These include pins, mugs, tees, keychains, beach towels, etc. The Jerry Leigh in-house artists design their own artwork, which then must be submitted to Disney for approval.

The reverse side of this Snow White pin simply reads "© Disney China" with no "Pin Trading" emblem or any other regular Disney markings.

Original card. The back includes the Jerry Leigh imprint. The pin was first released January 2012. Retail $6.95.


Over the last several years, other Snow White pins have also been produced by Jerry Leigh. Many of them are princess groupings, and they're sometimes hard to come by online.

Princess Groups...

2006 - Princess group Florida + New York. Retail $6.99 at souvenir shops.

2007 - Princess group.

2009 + 2010 - Princess group. $4.97-$6.99.

2010 - Perfect Princess + Princess group of four. $4.97-$6.99.

2011 - Princesses with Flowers.

2011-2015 - Princess group. $4.95-$6.95.

UPDATE 2016:


Solo Snows...

2000s - Snow holding dress. Retail $4.99 at central Florida Target store.

2006 - Snow with cape and crown. $4.97 Walmart; $6.99 Florida souvenir shop.

2010 - Snow White Frame with forest animals. $4.97-$6.99.



2012 - Evil queen in a six-villain group. $6.95.

UPDATE 2016:



2006 - Grumpy "G". $6.99 Florida souvenir shop.

2006 - Dopey handstand. $6.99.

2010 - Grumpy Is My Name, Attitude Is My Game. $4.97-$6.99.

2010 - Born Grumpy + Seven Dwarfs pyramid. $4.97-$6.99.

2011 - Dwarfs Group + I'm Dopey + I'm With Grumpy + I'm With Dopey.  $4.97-$6.99.

2014 - I'm Grumpy, Don't Make It Worse. $5.99.

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