Saturday, January 10, 2015

Snow White Cocoa Powder Tin from Japan

Disney tin containers are popular in Japan. This one features Snow White on the lid and the Seven Dwarfs marching around the side panel. Measures 5" tall x 4" across. I can't read Japanese, but thanks to the translation by fellow Snow White enthusiast Takahiro Mizuno, we know what the label says:

森永 (Morinaga) = Name of the food company
まんが (Manga) = Cartoon
ココア (Kokoa) = Cocoa

"Morinaga Manga Kokoa" or Morinaga Cartoon Cocoa. Morinaga is a well-known producer of chocolate, candy, ice cream, etc.

Not sure of the date of this tin, but we know it predates 1986. The imprint "© Walt Disney Productions" was the corporate name used on merchandise up until February 6, 1986. After that, it became The Walt Disney Company.

It's possible the tin was sold at Tokyo Disneyland which opened in 1983.