Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1967 Rubber Stamp Set from Italy

A vintage set of Snow White rubber stamps was produced by Multi Print in Milan, Italy. The box cover features an illustration of the princess in a clearing near the cottage. She's surrounded by the dwarfs and her forest animal friends.

Twelve rubber stamps in all. Plus colored pencils and an ink pad (not shown).

A stamp sheet was included in the box. In some sets, it's marked "© WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS".

In others, it is not.

Also included are instructions.

The bottom of the box is marked with a 1967 copyright imprint.

Images and information courtesy of  Nunziante Valoroso as well as Greg Philip of A Lost Film .


  1. Beautiful piece of memorabilia! Multiprint still continues to produce rubber stamps sets, from all the Disney films. In the '60s and '70s their boxes were extremely popular, many are now very rare collector's items like the "Sword in the Stone" and "Mary Poppins" series, issued only at the time of the film first showing and never again reprinted. The "Snow White" box, instead, was produced for more than 30 years identical ( a version with only 7 stamps was also issued) and today is still part of production, with different pictures and box.

    1. Thank you Nunz for the additional information. The more details, the better! :)