Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1938 Toy Town Gift Flyer

A 1938 newspaper holiday gift catalog from Petersen Variety Store in Julesburg, Colorado. Eight pages. Front cover features a full-color "Toy Town" advertisement, similar to the two-color layout in an earlier post. It includes Snow White and the Prince on horseback with the rest of the gang on parade...and Santa Claus too. Measures 10.75" x 15.875". The Seven Dwarfs Fruit Drops pictured in the lower right can be seen in another Archive entry.

On pages 4-5 of the flyer, we find an Ohio Arts Snow White tea set for only 25¢. Plus there's a box of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs dolls..."China bodies, brightly painted." Also just 25¢ a set.


  1. What a great find. I'd love to see those seven dwarf fruit drops!

    1. When I first learned about the dwarf fruit drops, I really did a lot of searching online for them. No success, though. Because they are candy, I'm sure not a whole lot of these have survived over the years. Yet, I'm sure someone somewhere has an unopened package in their collection. Hopefully some day, we'll get some pics of them. :)