Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1938 Movie Mirror Magazine

Snow White, the Prince, and the Seven Dwarfs were all featured on the cover of the May 1938 issue of Movie Mirror magazine. Original newsstand price was just 10¢.

The article announces that "Dopey is dead," and quotes Walt Disney as saying, "Dopey shall not live on in any more pictures or even in a comic strip as do my other characters. I've thought it over very carefully and that is my decision."

We know, of course, that Dopey has lived on in a myriad of comics and other forms of media, but it is nice that the Disney Studio has never tried to mess with success by actually releasing a sequel to the film. That is probably the main point Walt was making.

The article also shares some great info on Eddie Collins who performed the live-action reference for Dopey. When Eddie was hired by Walt, "a sum of fifty dollars for three hours' work every two weeks was agreed upon." He would do this for an entire year.

The handsome cover artwork from this issue has been reproduced a few times over the years in the form of pins, postcards, and the like. Special thanks to Rick Payne of dadric's attic for sharing these image scans from his collection.

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