Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Being Up All Night Makes Me Dopey"

Six o'clock this morning marked the conclusion of the most recent 24-hour event at the Disney Parks in both Anaheim and Orlando. Long-time blogger, TokyoMagic of Meet the World snapped this image of a photo-op location inside Disney California Adventure. The backdrop features a mural of the dwarfs' mine with a banner that reads, "Being up all night makes me dopey."

The WDW event was the official start to their Frozen-themed Coolest Summer Ever, while Disneyland's was the kick-off of the park's 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration.

A Disneyland glow-in-the-dark Dopey ''Up All Night'' tee was produced and is still available online for a limited time (May 22-31, 2015). 100% cotton. Adults $29.95. Kids $27.95.

Item Nos. 7405056321532M + Item No. 7407056321632M.

Stock images copyright Disney.

A limited edition Dopey pin was also issued (only at the Anaheim park). Some pin locations sold out super fast in the early morning.

Additional pin image via The Orange County Register.


  1. Hmmm, I'm not a huge pin collector, but now I kind of wish I had gotten there early enough in the morning to get one of those! :-(

    1. Yeah, there sure are a lot of pins out there. Ones like this, though, do make for a nice commemorative reminder of the cool experience you had.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that the photo-op had a HUGE line of people waiting to snap their photos in front of it. I should have taken a picture showing that!