Sunday, September 4, 2016

2009 Disney Store Seven Dwarfs + Cottage Play Set

The Deluxe Seven Dwarfs Doll Set was released 2009 at the Disney Store and designed to compliment the Deluxe Snow White Doll and Wardrobe Play Set and the Snow White Prince Doll with Horse (previous post), plus the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Cottage Play Set (below). Made of plastic, each dwarf stands about 6" high and wears a fabric outfit while holding a separate mining tool. Also enclosed in the box are seven "diamond" rings. The entire set was still available for sale online at the Disney Store in early 2011. Original retail $29.50.

The 2009 box.

Item No. 200254P

Unique to this set, the Doc doll plays "Whistle While You Work" when his arm is raised...


The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Cottage Play Set, an 85-piece collection housed in a cottage box that opens and closes. Includes everything from broom and wheel barrel to a functioning cuckoo-clock (with bird that pops out) and a musical organ (that plays a tune); also cooking utensils, cupboard, musical instruments, table and seven chairs, water pump, and basket. Made of plastic. Measures 14.5'' high and fits the 12'' Deluxe Snow White Doll and 6'' Seven Dwarfs Dolls (not included). List Price: $129.50.

Item No. 200257P.

Opens up.

Cool accessories.

Dolls (sold separately).

Any variation of the 12" Snow White will fit the bill.

A great collection. It's been seen on ebay auctions for $650.00 and up.

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Also see the 2012 Seven Dwarfs Set, part of the Disney Princess Classic Doll Collection that year.


  1. That cottage is total dream fuel, fer SHURR, but I still can't figure out why Grumpy didn't ever get a red nose....???

  2. Oh, and I finally found some pictures of the elusive Seven Dwarfs Bed and Pajama CUTE!

  3. I think that the individual doll isn't actually the pajama one, but I'm realizing that there were so many dwarf dolls made by Simba, including 12 inch ones that would look so perfect (?) next to the taller Disney Store Singing Snow White doll........Why not in America? :(

    1. Lots and lots of dolls. Difficult to keep track of them all. Thanks for sharing the pics you found.