Saturday, September 3, 2016

2009 Disney Store 12" Snow White & Prince Dolls

In 2009, Disney Store issued their exclusive Disney Princess and Friends Collection. The series featured 12" vinyl dolls of the princes and princesses, sold separately for $16.50. Included in each box was small plastic friend or two. Dopey and Happy were paired with Snow White, who was redesigned that year to more accurately resemble her film look. A small hairbrush was also included.

The Prince with his deer friend.

Also available in 2009 was the Deluxe Snow White Doll and Wardrobe Play Set. The doll came with three dresses: the iconic royal blue, red and yellow outfit, her rag dress, and a long white wedding gown. Plus there was a cape, two pairs of shoes, a veil, and two hair bows. Retail $29.50.

Item No. 200255P.

Stock images copyright Disney.

The Prince Doll with Horse was issued as a companion to the Deluxe Snow White Doll. He came with a faux-fur trimmed hat. Plastic horse stands 11' high with royal reins and saddle. Retail $34.50.

Item No. 200256P.

Additional images courtesy of the Lucile Smith Collection.

In addition to the Deluxe Snow White and Prince Dolls, a Deluxe Seven Dwarfs Doll Set and a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Cottage Play Set were also produced and sold separately. We'll examine these in the next Archive entry.

Plus, see how the dolls and packaging changed with the 2010 Disney Store releases.

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