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1939-40 ELAH Candy Ads from Italy

ELAH was an Italian producer of sweets, chocolates, and candies. In 1939-40, they made a candy called “Biancaneve” which was licensed through Creazioni Walt Disney S.A.I. The Snow White characters were used in a couple 1939 magazine ads.

This first one includes an image of a store display box full of individually wrapped Biancaneve candy.

Another shows an illustration of Snow White at the wishing well.

The following is a leaflet for a 1940 ELAH-sponsored radio program. It translates as follows:
ELAH Radio Competition for the Snow White candy – from March 13 to May 1, 1940, every Wednesday at 13:15 PM,  'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' will be on the air from the E.I.A.R station with their new adventures. If you are lucky with your phrase, you will win 5000 lire! Customers! Be sure to get the BIANCANEVE Candy!
The radio contest worked like this. Entrants would have to come up with a phrase to describe the qualities of the Biancaneve bonbon, write it in a letter, and mail it--along with a Snow White candy wrapper--to SIPRA, the advertising agency for Italian National Radio (EIAR) in Turin. The winner would be chosen on-air during the Snow White program. The prize of 5000 lire was a good amount of money at the time.

The leaflet is thin paper. Dimensions: 22 x 22,5 cm. Printed by Gros Monti.

Leaflet image via Little Nemo Auction House.

The contest was also promoted in magazines.

Dopey is shown holding prize money in his hand. From Tempo (Time) magazine no. 45, April 4, 1940 (p.3).

Color ad from the back cover of Tempo magazine no. 47, April 18, 1940.

Special thanks to Nunziante Valoroso for providing image scans, translations, and additional information. In the next Archive entry, see a series of Snow White trading cards ("figurines") issued by ELAH.

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