Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Art of the Disney Princess in Photos

 All images copyright 2009 Disney Editions (unless noted).

The Art of the Disney Princess (designed by Winnie Ho) is lavishly illustrated with over a 170 images of original artwork, the vast majority of which fall under the categories of digital media, pencil and ink drawings, or watercolor and oil paintings. Very few of the pieces are actual photos. Here's a look at the Snow Whites. Live model shot by photographer Ryan Astamendi, doll by Danielle Bedics.


Bonus pic below by photographer Ryan Astamendi. Jasmine (with one very large, but stunning head of hair) from The Art of the Disney Princess. 


Two shots by photographer Ryan Astamendi that were not included in the book: According to Astamendi, the Snow White model, Cyndi, is from Guatemala and is only about 5 feet tall. This posed a problem since the costume only came in adult sizes. Learn more about the shoot at his RyPhoto blog.

Snow White model images copyright Ryan Astamendi.


  1. "Jasmine (with one very large, but stunning head of hair)"
    That is one interesting thing about the Disney Princesses. Nearly all of them have those impossibly slim necks and backs coupled with absolute blankets of hair. The royal chiropractors must stay very busy.