Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Seven Dwarfs Shirts

The boys are back on more tees and sweatshirts; some older, some newer. First up is a 2013 UNIQLO short sleeve t-shirt. Features the classic 1944 Dell comic book cover with the Dwarfs and Snow White having a grand ole time. 100% cotton. Retail $12.50.

Image via UNIQLO.

"Walt Disney World" tee (theme park, c. 2008) and "The Seven Foot Dwarfs" long-sleeve sweatshirt (1999 Disney Catalog).

Images courtesy Dan Alexander Dizmentia.

The Dwarfs with Snow White on a heathered jersey knit tee from the Disney Store website, January 2013. Retail $19.50.

Disney Store Item No. 5701047785253M.

More dwarfs.

Seven Dwarfs tee.

I'm Grumpy, You're Dopey tees, Sold at the theme parks.

Grumpy and Dopey tees dominate the market, but they're not the only dwarfs to get their faces on a shirt. Here's Happy.

2013 Disney Store Bashful "you make me blush" 50/50 t-shirt. Retail $19.50.

Item No. 5701047785258M

Older Bashful sweatshirts and tees...

"Bashful but cute" Disney Couture.

Sleepy, circa 1980s.

''Looking for Mr. Right'' Seven Dwarfs tee for women appeared on disneystore.com in March 2012. 100% organic cotton. $19.50.

Item No. 5701047784814M

In 2011, this long sleeve tee was designed by Patterson J. Kincaid and features pre-production story sketches of Bashful. Authentic vintage animation art sourced from the Walt Disney Archives. $118.00. Sold out.

Item No. 2001055120497M

A short sleeved tee also designed by Patterson J. Kincard showcases a pre-production story sketch from the soup-eating scene. The animation art again comes from the Walt Disney Archives. 2011. Disney Store. $98.00. Sold out.

Item No. 2001055120498M
Stock images copyright Disney Store. 


Seven Dwarfs Top by Hot Topic. 100% polyester. Original Retail $24.50.

Hot Topic SKU: 10052278.


  1. Always a treat to see old T's! Thanks for the post.

    1. Surprising how difficult it is sometimes to find older SW tees, at least online.

  2. I like the idea of t-shirts featuring story sketches and concept artwork rather than the same old "approved" drawings that we've seen over and over.