Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Snow White's Escape" Book

Front Cover and Spine

Published by Mouse Works in 1994, Snow White's Escape is a beautiful 20-page children's hardcover that tells the story of Snow White's flight through the dark forest, with the aid of moveable pull-tab illustrations and multi-layered leaves. Created by artist Toby Bluth, this brilliantly designed "Slide-N-Show" book is aburst with imagery and a color palate reminiscent of what we see in the original film. Unfortunately the title is no longer in print. Nonetheless, here's a look at several of Bluth's striking and detailed scenes.

On pages 1-2, Snow White is confronted by the Queen's Huntsman. He is seen sliding out from behind a boulder with knife in hand. The clear plastic windows that separate the leaves allow us to see through to not just one, but numerous sections of the book, adding the feeling of a "multiplane" three-dimensional depth.

Turn the page and Snow begins her flight into the dark forest. Looking back, we still see the Huntsman, but looking forward through the menacing trees, a warm light awaits us.

The rest of the book is filled with Bluth's brilliant artwork and clever pull-tab setups.

Text and Illustrations copyright Toby Bluth/Disney. 

The story continues with Snow White meeting her forest animal friends, the journey to the cottage, the clean up, the Dwarfs march home from the mine, and their surprise at finding the lights on inside. It ends with the discovery of the princess upstairs.

Back Cover

Toby Bluth has said that his artwork is influenced by the likes of Gustaf Tenggren and others from the Golden Age. From the look and feel of this little book, there's no doubt about it. Now out-of-print, Snow White's Escape can still be found through numerous online resellers.

ISBN: 1570821534
Original retail price $9.98 (US), $12.98 (Canada)


  1. Awesome book! I love finding out of print stuff like this. Makes such a great addition to any collection. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I feel the same way as you Dr. Dis. Glad you liked it. :)