Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bama Snow White Jelly Jars

Bama Foods, founded in 1921 in Birmingham, Alabama, was well known for their jelly jars which could be repurposed as drinking glasses once the jam was used up. Welch's bought Bama in 1994 and closed the Birmingham plant in '96. They did, however, continue to produce products under the Bama name, including this series of eight Snow White jelly jars. Each 6 oz. glass stands about 4" tall and measures 2.75" across.

#1 Snow White & The Queen.

A plug for the 2001 Disney DVD (Platinum Edition) appears on each jar. The set dates from from this time period. The copyright imprint reads, "Disney Enterprises Inc," which in 1996 became a new Walt Disney Company subsidiary name, replacing Walt Disney Productions (after the merger with Capital Cities Communication/ABC).

#2 Dopey.

#3 Sneezy.

#4 Sleepy.

#5 Happy.

#6 Bashful.

#7 Doc.

# 8 Grumpy.

Here's seven of the eight jars still filled with jelly and with original lids unopened.

A newspaper insert (8" x 10") with a 50¢ coupon for the Bama jam jars. Coupon expiration date was April 2002.

Also see the 2003 IXL jam jars released in Australia.

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