Sunday, August 10, 2014

Snow White IXL Jam Jars

IXL is an Australian jam company known for the collectible jars that they've issued over the years. Once the jam is consumed, you're left with a charming reusable drinking glass. A Snow White series of eight was released in 2003. Each measures approximately 12cm (4.7") tall.

Here's a look at all eight glasses.

Each is marked, "LIMITED EDITION", though the edition size is not listed. They're also numbered. Grumpy is No. 1. Sneezy 2, Dopey 3, Sleepy 4 and Bashful 5. Below we see Doc is No. 6.

Happy is 7 and Snow is 8 of 8.

Glasses via grumpy_aardvark. Additional pics from Mag's Collectables and coolncollectable2148.

The release of the jam jars into supermarkets was promoted in magazine advertisements like this.

Advertisement via IXL facebook.

A special thanks to collector Cheryl Ridge for her assistance with this post. Also see the 2001 Bama jelly jars issued in the US.

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