Monday, August 25, 2014

2001/2006 French 'Blanche Neige' Soundtrack CD

In the year 2000, the French Snow White soundtrack was redubbed with new voice actors. Rachel Pignot was in the singing role of Snow White. Valérie Siclay played the speaking voice. This new recording was issued on the 2001 DVD (and then 2009 Blu-ray).

In 2001, a compact disc of the soundtrack was released in France and the European market. Walt Disney Records. No. 0927-42515-2. Enhanced with a CD-Rom movie trailer. Made in Germany.

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The soundtrack was reissued in 2006 sans the CD-Rom extra. Walt Disney Records, licensed in Europe exclusively to EMI Records Ltd. No. 0946 3 53107 2 6.

Images courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.

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