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Snow White Vinylmation Jr. Keychains

Half the size of the regular Vinylmation figures, the Vinylmation Jrs. are just 1.5" tall. The first of the Snow White-themed characters appeared in 2010, with more to follow. Each has an attached keychain which, if desired, can be removed by simply unscrewing from the top of the head. Sold at the theme parks and online at the Disney Store.

Vinylmation Jr. Series #2:

"Snow White" issued June 18, 2010. Artists: Thomas Scott and Maria Clapsis. Original retail price $8.95. Unofficially referred to as the "color block" series, it features designs inspired by famous color combinations. Snow White, of course, is represented by her blue, yellow, and red.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Chip and Dale are the chasers in this set.

Disney Store Item No.7511002521050P.

Each figure was sold separately in a blind box, sealed inside the manufacturer's foil bag.


Vinylmation Jr. Series #6:

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" issued April 20, 2012. Artists: Thomas Scott and Alex Maher. Retail price $9.95 each. A total of 18 figures: Snow White, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Bashful, Evil Queen, Magic Mirror, Prince, Huntsman, Raccoon, Turtle, Bluebird, Deer and two mystery chasers--Old Hag and Rag-Dress Snow.

Set image via rgbplus.

The designs are quite impressive.

Disney Store Item No. 7511002524328P.

The two chasers.

Chaser images via chasing vinylmation.

Even the box artwork was nicely done.

The series was on display at the Disneyland Emporium; photo from July 2012.

Emporium images courtesy of Tokyo Magic! of Meet the World.


Vinylmation Jr. Pairs Series #2:

"Dopey" issued April 27, 2012. Artist: Maria Clapsis. Retail price $16.95. Two-piece set includes Dopey and pop art design. Open window packaging.

Disney Store Item No. 7511002524314P.

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