Thursday, August 21, 2014

2008-2011 Snow White 3" Vinylmation Figures

Vinyl + Animation = Vinylmation

For those who don't know, Vinylmation is a collection of figures sold at the Disney theme parks, with certain ones also available through the Disney Store. As the name suggests, they're made of vinyl. All are shaped with the body of Mickey Mouse, but they differ in character theming and individual artistic designs. The name of each artist is stamped on the bottom.

It was in 2008 that the first 3" Vinylmations were released, sold in "blind boxes" so the purchaser would not know what figure they were getting until opened. The trading of duplicates is encouraged by Disney, much like with pins.

Many different series have been introduced, most with a surprise unknown "chaser" figure. Some collections also include collectible cards or stickers. As the years have progressed, the designs have became more and more creative. Here's a chronological look at all of the officially-released 3" Snow White-themed figures that have been produced from 2008 to 2011.

Park Series #1:

"Bad Apple" issued December 19, 2008. Card included. Artist: Randy Noble. Original retail price $9.95.

Park Series #2:

"Snow White's Adventures" issued May 22, 2009. Card included. Artist: Michelle St. Laurent-Sheive. Retail $9.95. Pictured on the ears are Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, and Happy; Snow and Prince on back of head.

Big Eyes Series #1:

"Big Eyes Grumpy" issued May 14, 2010. Card included. Artist: Thomas Scott.

Clear window packaging.

Park Series #5:

"Magic Mirror" issued October 22, 2010. Card included. Artist: Adrianne Draude.

The complete Park #5 series.

Original packaging.

Villain Series #1:

"Old Hag" issued January 31, 2011. Card included. Artist: Gerald Mendez. Retail $9.95. Red apple foot.

Villain Series #2:

"Evil Queen" issued October 22, 2011. No card. Artist: Gerald Mendez. Retail $9.95.

The 3" Snow White figures continue in an upcoming post with 2012-2014.


  1. Love the "Bad Apple".. .it is weird enough and obscure enough to tickle my fancy. I can't start collecting Vinylmations though… I collect enough as it is!

    1. I hear ya Major. I think the designs are clever and cool, but if I started bringing home more collectibles, my wife would have something to say about that. ;)