Saturday, November 28, 2015

Swarovski Crystal Snow White Series

The Swarovski Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs figures--which included an apple title plaque--were introduced in 2009 and retired 2011. Faceted clear crystal bodies; unfaceted clear crystal heads and arms with black eyes. Snow wears a Padparadscha crystal bow and holds a Arctic Blue chaton. Shes stands 5" tall. The dwarfs wear belt buckles of Topaz crystal; Dopey holds a Jonquil crystal candle flame. They average about 2.5" in height.

Original packaging.


Original Dopey retail price $150.00. Made in Austria.

Stock images copyright Disney/Swarovski. Additional images via crystalroad100 + tmp-ii.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

1970s Snow White 6" Figures by Marx

Following the Disneykins and Disneykings run of the 1960s, Louis Marx & Company created a series of larger unpainted figures. Made of a molded plastic, they were produced in many different bright colors, depending on the character. Snow White and Dopey were blue. The collection also included Pinocchio, Bambi, Peter Pan, Mickey and several others. Most stood around 6" high; Dopey is almost 5".

This Snow and Dopey date from 1971...

Imprints on the bottom read "©Walt Disney Prod" and "Louis Marx & Co LLC © MCMLXXI Made in USA".

This Dopey appears to be marked "MCMLXXII" (1972).

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fun Pals by Marx

The evolution of Disney figures by Marx is an interesting story. From the unpainted Walt Disney's Television Playhouse characters of the 1950s to the Disneykins and Disneykings of the 1960s, the toy manufacturer continued to come up with new ways to sell basically the same molds for decades. In the early 1970s, they produced Disney Fun Pals.

Fun Pals were similar to the larger Disneykings, but were made of soft plastic. Hand-painted. Hakes has sold several 5-piece blister packs in recent years. Here's three. Snow White is found in the first set, Dopey in the next. Packages measure 5.5" x 9" x 1.5". The figures stand between 1.5" and 2.5".

Images via Hakes.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Disneykin Comic Book Ads

By the early 1970s, the demand for Disneykin figures by Marx was on the wane. The company ceased production of the line in 1973. Yet, that doesn't mean there weren't warehouses of these guys still waiting to be sold.

"Disneykin play characters are here!" This advertisement ran in comic books in 1972. Two separate 16-piece sets were being offered for $2.98 each. Or if you bought all 32 for $5.98, they'd throw in two free bonus figures. Snow White and all of the dwarfs are pictured in Set B. Postage and handling was just 25¢/order. There's no mention of Marx. Instead, these sets were being offered by Gandalf Products Co. of NYC, a novelty warehouse retailer.

Ad measures approximately 6" x 9". Image via kenyatabks.

An ad from a 1974 comic book. Note the figures are now pictured in illustrations rather than actual photos. Plus the shipping charge rose to 50¢.

Another from 1974, found in Tarzan #229, DC Comics. The warehouse seller is now listed as Saddle Valley Sales, Inc of NJ.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Disneykin Mock Snow White Figures by Marx

Not all of the Disneykin figures originally envisioned by toy manufacturer Louis Marx & Company came to fruition. They were planning a full Snow White series in the early 1960s, similar to the 1962 Pinocchio series. In addition to Snow and the dwarfs (which were part of the original Disneykin release), other characters from the film would have been added.

Some prototype boxed figures were created, mostly for toy fairs to weigh dealer interest. Yet, the new figure sets were never produced. The mock-ups are usually hand-painted, utilizing stock boxes (like the Play Sets and TV Scenes).

One prototype features a hand-painted cardboard “flat” of the Witch. She is accompanied by the dwarfs and some props.

Another with a paperboard Prince has been seen in a TV Scenes box along with a Disneykin Sleepy. Some of these prototype sets emerged from West Germany in the 1990s and still appear on eBay occasionally.

Special thanks to Abby Weissman of the Flubber Gallery for providing the Play Set image and information. Learn lots more at his disneykins site.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Disneykin Snow White Game from Royal Gelatin

In the previous post, we saw the Royal Gelatin Disneykins offer with the purchase of their product. As part of this promotion, they created a Snow White "board" game that was quite large and colorful, measuring  14.125" x 26". Printed on heavy uncoated paper. Reverse side is blank. The game would have been a free give-away item, possibly in-store or by mail-order.

Players roll a die and move their Disneykin character along the board. The bottom panel included perforated Snow White paper cutouts in case you didn't own any Disneykins.

Paper cutouts.


Closeups of the game board.

Special thanks to Rick Payne of dadric's attic for the image scans and info.