Thursday, September 21, 2017

1990 Marketing Brochure for Japanese Theatrical Re-release

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was re-issued to theatres in Japan on July 21, 1990. This press booklet announces its return along with the Japanese premiere of Disney's Oliver & Company.

Front and back covers

Oliver & Company fills the first half of the book, including a quad-foldout section.

Attached in the center of the book are collectible cards. The following two pages promote Mickey Mouse.

The remainder of the book is all Snow White, including another a quad-foldout section.

Special thanks to the Greg Philip Collection for use of his image scans.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Vintage Snow White Throw Pillow

A vintage Snow White velveteen tapestry pillow. Measures 15" x 15". Probably dates from 1938-39.

Images via triplemsamommy.

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Lenox Snow White Salt & Pepper Collection

The Lenox Snow White salt and pepper shaker collection consists of five pairs of shakers: Snow White, Seven Dwarfs, Queen and Witch. Ivory fine china with 24 karat gold accents. Each measures about 3.75" tall. Sold in sets of two. Circa 2001. Also available was a display shelf made of finished wood and molded plastic. Stands 16.75" high x 3" deep.

Images via nanu5.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Beswick Snow White Figurines

In 1954, London pottery manufacturer, Beswick, produced this glazed ceramic Snow White figurine, #1332A. Unfortunately, it's resemblance to the Disney princess is lacking. As a result, the figure would be discontinued the following year and a new piece would take its place.

In 1955, the new Snow White was released, #1332B. The hair and facial features are more true. She stands about 14 cm (5.5") high.

Most Beswick figures have the bottom stamp imprint but not all.

The complete set.

Images of set via Hakes.

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