Saturday, November 22, 2014

Snow White Sewing Machine by E.M. Gheysens

The only Disney-licensed Snow White sewing machine ever to be manufactured was produced during the 1950s by E.M. Gheysens in partnership with the Straco Toy Company. Extremely rare, this children's miniature machine is from the "Little Betty" series made in Kent, England. Model No. W4D. The box measures 18cm x 24cm and 12.5cm deep.

On the illustrated box cover, we see Snow White working away on a pair of Dwarf pants. Sewing machine expert, Alex Askaroff, points out that the princess..."was so clever that she could sew with the sewing machine the wrong way round, sitting behind it using her left hand."

This Snow White model was a curved-top Midinette.

The side panel from the box shows a square design machine.

Images and information generously provided by Alex Askaroff of Sewalot.
Additional pics via Catawiki and Stacey's Auctions.

Just before Straco ended their involvement with toy sewing machines...
...they made a last ditch attempt to resurrect their market with a collaboration with Disney. [The Snow White models] are the last Little Betty sewing machines. ALEX ASKAROFF

Thursday, November 20, 2014

1960s Carnival Candy Corn 'Snow White' Cards

A series of 24 Disney trading cards were issued in Australia circa late 1960s. They were available in packets of GFC Carnival Candy Corn. Each measures approximately 6cm x 4.5cm. Officially licensed by the "© WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS" as noted along the bottom front.

Card #8 Snow White.

The series also included the Seven Dwarfs. (Still haven't located Dopey yet.)

Card backs are numbered and named.

Some other cards in the series...

Images and info courtesy of Cheryl Ridge.

The complete set: 1. mickey mouse 2. donald duck 3. pluto 4. goofy 5. minnie mouse 6. daisy duck 7. [not yet found--probably dopey] 8. snow white 9. huey 10.  [not yet found--probably dewey] 11. louie 12. scrooge mcduck 13. doc 14. happy 15. grumpy 16. bashful 17. sleepy 18. sneezy 19. tinker bell 20. jiminy cricket 21.  [not yet found] 22. cinderella 23. bambi 24. thumper

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Boxed Case of Snow White Dairy Glasses

Here's a rare find, a complete case of Snow White glasses from 1938. The box contains twenty-four 9 ounce pieces, each 4.5" tall. Manufactured by Libby Glass Company of Toledo, Ohio under license with the Disney Company. Produced for the Kraft-Phenix Cheese Corporation.

The tumblers would have been purchased by dairy companies and used as give-away premiums to attract customers. Eight different designs feature Snow and each of the dwarfs. See an earlier Archive entry for more details on these four-line verse glasses.

Images via Dennis Collectibles.

The ebay seller mentioned that this case was purchased at an estate sale in Baltimore, MD. The box was found stored in an old barn.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow White Pepsi Bottle Caps from Mexico

Pepsi issued a series of Disney bottle caps in Mexico, circa 1970s. It appears there were 80 numbered caps in all. The imprint reads, "© Walt Disney Productions." Snow White, the Dwarfs, and Witch were among those included in the collection. Most names are printed in Spanish. The caps have plastic liners.

Blanca Nieves #31

Bruja #32

Estornudo #33; Gruñón #34

Doc #35; Tímido #36

Dormilón #37; Feliz #38

Tontin #39

The series started with Donald and Daisy Duck at #1 and #2 and went up to at least #79 and #80 with his pals from Three Caballeros.

Images via neonladybug.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

2014 Kirin Tea Bottles from Japan

Kirin Beverage Company in Japan recently released a series of new Disney-themed tea bottles. It appears there may be about 10 slightly different Snow White labels this time around.
  • Straight Tea (Red Label) - Snow White
  • Straight Tea (Red Label) - Seven Dwarfs
  • Straight Tea Sugarless - Snow White
  • Straight Tea Sugarless - Seven Dwarfs
  • Milk Tea (White Label) - Snow White
  • Milk Tea (White Label) - Seven Dwarfs
  • Lemon Tea (Yellow Label) - Snow White
  • Lemon Tea (Yellow Label) - Seven Dwarfs
  • "Happiness" Apple and Mango Tea - Snow White with Happy
  • "Happiness" Apple and Mango Tea - Snow White with Bashful

All of the tea labels (except for the "Happiness" bottles) contain a letter from the English alphabet. Snow White appears with the letter "B" and the Dwarfs with "I".

Milk Tea, Lemon Tea, and Straight Tea Sugarless...

Tinker Bell "P" appears on the opposite side of the Seven Dwarfs "I" label and Winnie-the-Pooh "O" (not shown here) is on the other side of the Snow White "B" label.

There are also two Snow White Apple & Mango "Happiness" labels, one with Bashful, the other with Happy.

Special thanks to Takahiro Mizuno for letting us know about these tea bottles and for providing images and/or links to images.

Also see the Snow White labels from 2012 and 2013.

Friday, November 14, 2014

2012 Kirin Tea Bottle from Japan

In late 2012, the Kirin Beverage Company in Japan produced this European Style "Winter Special"--an apple and ginger flavored afternoon tea. The bottle featured a cool label with Snow White on one side and the Old Witch on the other. Retail price 140 yen, but it sold for less at some stores.

Images and info via Chihiro's Food Blog.

Also see the Kirin 2013 Seven Dwarfs bottle and the brand new 2014 Snow White labels.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snow White Belt & Suspenders from Spencer's

This Snow White "Seatbelt" is an officially Disney licensed clothing belt. Polyester. 1.5" wide. Metal seatbelt buckle closure. Fits waist sizes 24"-38". Retail $29.99. Currently online at Spencer's.

A pair of suspenders is also available for $9.99.

Stock images copyright Spencer's.

"Still the Fairest of Them All" Wallet from Spencer's

"Still the Fairest of Them All" women's wallet. Currently available online at Spencer's. Retail $21.99.

Stock images copyright Spencer's.