Thursday, February 23, 2017

Promotional Panini Stickers in French TV Guide (1984)

Twelve complimentary Blanche Neige stickers by Panini were included in the January 10, 1984 issue of Telestar (one of several TV guides published in France). The promotion is noted on the front cover.

The stickers belong to a larger 360-card Snow White series by Panini which was released in France in 1983. The idea behind this promotion was to offer the magazine's readership two complete 4-piece image sets and two 2-piece sets, all of which would have taken much longer to complete if purchased in the random blind packets sold in stores.

Nos. 84-87

Nos. 128-129

Nos. 204-207

Nos. 270-271

Th numbered cards are identical to those found in the regular collection. However, the backs are different in that when these are placed side-by-side, they form a couple of promotional ads for the series.

Special thanks to Greg Philip of A Lost Film for sharing these images scans and info from his collection.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

1938 "Snow White Dwarfies" Candy Box

In 1938, the Overland Candy Corporation of Chicago produced a themed treat called Snow White Dwarfies. They sold 6 for 1¢. The candy would have been delivered in bulk to retailers in this 432 count box, which could also be used as a store display. Copyright imprint reads, "© W.D.E."

Images via pezdudewelch.

A similar bulk box was used for the Snow White chewing gum by Dietz (see earlier post).

1938 Double Mint Gum - McCall Snow White Dress Ad

In the July 1938 issue of Movie Mirror magazine (p.9), a Wrigley's Double Mint Chewing Gum ad featured a McCall Dress Pattern for a "Snow White Double Mint party frock". The advertisement was also seen in other publications, including that same month in Hollywood (p.35).

B&W images courtesy of Rick Payne via dadric's attic + the William Stillman Collection.

A full-color version was issued too.

Color images via plethora-of-paper.

The girl's Snow White dress pattern from McCall is no. 558. Original retail price 35¢. Examples of a size 12 and size 10 are shown below.

Size 10 pattern image via

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

1977 "Branca de Neve" Poster from Brazil

A Snow White movie poster from the December 24, 1977 re-release of the motion picture in Brazil. Distributed by Buena Vista via Cinema International Corporation.

Image courtesy of Leo Forli of Casa da Dublagem.

1975 US Snow White Insert

R-1975 insert movie poster, from the US re-release of Snow White. Measures 14" x 36". Listed on the back cover of the 1975 pressbook.

Image via Heritage Auctions.

Monday, February 20, 2017

1976 Walt Disney Comics Digest #57 - February Foolery

In the early 1940s, Disney comic books began running crossover stories with characters from Snow White being joined by others like Thumper and Dumbo. This mashup trend continues to this day. February Foolery is a five-page tale starring Goofy along with the Old Witch. Other characters include: Brer Rabbit and the Three Little Pigs. It first appeared in the Dell Mickey Mouse Almanac from December 1957. Original price: 25¢. It was written by Carl Fallberg; pencils and ink by Jack Bradbury. The story was reprinted in the Gold Key Walt Disney Comics Digest #57 from February 1, 1976. Price: 69¢.

Also included in the Comics Digest was a Snow White Wishing Well game.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

Special thanks to TokyoMagic of Meet the World for sharing image scans from his collection..