Friday, October 31, 2014

Life-Size Animated Old Hag for Halloween

Officially licensed by Disney, this animated Old Hag figure appeared online earlier in 2014. Marketed as a consumer Halloween prop, the apple-bearing Witch moves her head, mouth, and arm.

Plus she talks! The voice resembles that of the film character and says a large variety of lines including:
There's something spooky out tonight, and I think it's you!
Ahhh... yet another creature of the night approaches.
Have you come for a trick or a treat?
Sorry, Halloween just brings out the ghoul in me.
Welcome to my home, my little victim. I mean, my little friend!

Built on a metal frame with a plastic base, the figure is activated by both sound and movement. An on/off button is hidden under her plastic hump. Plugs in to a standard outlet with 5' cord. Dimension: 61" tall, 31.5" wide, 38" deep.

Here she is in action...

Video and stock images via Grandin Road.

Online reviews have generally been positive except for an issue with the Witch's hair falling out. Apparently, "it's not a full wig, but rather, two thin strips that hang down from underneath the sides of her cloak." If you spend the $200 that this figure is retailing for, you might consider also purchasing a nice white wig too.

Additional pics via rohr.

Evil Queen Crown by Elope

Officially licensed by Disney, this crown and hood make the perfect finishing touch on an Evil Queen Halloween costume. Crown is made of gold lame; hood is faux suede with Lycra. Includes Velcro size adjuster. Manufactured by the Elope novelty costume company. Currently available online. Retail prices range between $12.99 - $25.50.

Stock image copyright Elope.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Evil Queen "Just One Bite!" Glass + Mug

An Evil Queen "Just One Bite" shot glass was sold at the theme parks in 2013 and was seen online at the Disney Store in October of that year. Translucent smoke tinted glass. Holds approximately 2 oz.; stands 4'' high. Retail $9.95.

Disney Store Item No. 7509055880299P. Stock images copyright Disney.


Also seen in early 2013 is a mug with the same Evil Queen graphic design. The opposite side, however, reads "Just a Touch of Evil" in purple letters. Measures 6" tall and 3.5 " in diameter.

Mug images via athomeoutlets.

Both items are part of the on-going Disney Villains Collection.

Evil Queen "Just One Bite!" Halloween Pins

An open edition Evil Queen pin was issued at the theme parks August 21, 2014. We first started seeing this illustration of the Queen around Halloween time, like on these 2009 Disneyland banners and park maps. The pin reads “Just One Bite” along the bottom. Retail $9.95


A similar cast-member exclusive pin was released last year on September 11th (and on the 13th at WDW). The cauldron is inscribed with "CAST-ing a Spell - Halloween 2013." Limited edition of 1000. Retail price $9.55 ($11.95 at WDW).

2013 cast pin images via iloveanimation0.

Witch "Just One Bite!" Halloween Candy Bowl

Old Hag candy bowl, created especially for Walt Disney World and Disneyland. It showed up online at the Disney Store in August 2014. Made from melamine. Measures 11.75'' in diameter and 3'' high. Retail $14.95.

Item No. 7509055880683P. Stock image copyright Disney.

The bowl was spotted recently at Disneyland by Tokyo Magic of Meet the World.

 Additional images courtesy of drj1828.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Snow White Big Head "Mascot" Costumes from China

Last December, friend and fellow blogger, Dan Alexander Dizmentia, forwarded a few links of some rather unusual costumes he'd found on ebay. Described as "mascot" costumes, they were in the style of something you might see at a sporting event--big head, hands and feet. The seller was in Shanghai, China, and the auctions included several different cartoon characters like Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Elmo from Sesame Street. But probably the most bizarre-looking of the bunch was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. As Dan put it, they're sort of "alternate universe" versions of the characters we know.

Snow White is both a little frightening and kind of cool at the same time. If she came knocking at my door on Halloween night, I'm not sure how I'd react.

From the seller's description, the costumes are for adults 5'3" (160cm) to 5'11" (180cm) tall and under 200 lbs., though larger custom sizes could also be produced. The head material is made of EPE, a lightweight yet stronger alternative to paperboard.

Images via abcd6493.

Doing a quick goggle search just now revealed at least three additional versions of a Snow White mascot costume available from various sellers in China. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Evil Queen "Halloween" Tin

The Evil Queen is pictured on the lid of this Disney Villains "trick or treat" tin. Sold as a Halloween accessory, it came with a "treat kit" which included a mini flashlight and a loot bag. Tin measures approximately 8.5" high x 10" wide. Metal handle. Possibly dates from late 1990s or early 2000s.

Back side has Disney Villains logo.

Images via storiescomics1 and dolltinker.

Several online sellers have referred to this tin as a "lunchbox"...which may or may not have been its intended use.

2013 D23 "Halloween Treat" Pin Set

Seen online at Disney Store in September 2013, this Walt Disney Archives ''A Halloween Treat'' pin set was available exclusively to members of the D23 fan club. The boxed set of six pins was a limited edition of only 500. Pins measure 2'' x 1.5". Retail $69.95. Sold out.

The collection includes Skeleton (The Skeleton Dance, 1929), Ghost (Lonesome Ghosts, 1937), Old Hag (Snow White, 1937), Chernobog (Fantasia, 1940), The Headless Horseman (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, 1949), Witch Hazel (Trick or Treat, 1952)

Item No. 6804055940740P.

Box is 7'' wide. Walt Disney Archives Collection logo.

Stock images copyright Disney.