Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1990s Disneyland Magazines (Dutch)

In the previous post, we saw the Dutch Disneyland Magazine series published in the 1970s. In the 1990s, another was produced and issued monthly in both the Netherlands and Belgium. These are the Snow White covers that we're aware of.

April 1992

December 1993

April 1994

November 1994

April 1996

Image scans and info courtesy of Dirk X at HET Verzameloord.

1970s Disneyland Magazines (Dutch)

Chock-full of comics and stories, Disneyland Magazine was a periodical designed for young readers. It was published in the 1970s in multiple languages. The same full color wrap-around cover artwork was used in numerous different countries, although not always released in the same order. Today, we'll look at the Snow White covers published in the Netherlands (which were also sold in Belgium).

1972 April 1-7; no.1 (year 1)

1972 April 15-21; no.3

1972-April 22-28; no.4

1972 May 6-12; no.6

1972 July 15-21; no.16

1972 August 26 - September 1; no.22

1972 September 2-8; no.23

1972 October 7-13; no.28

1972 October 28 - November 3; no.31

1972 December 23-29; no.39

1972 December 30 - 1973 January 5; no.1 (year 2)

1973 January 27 - February 2; no.5

1973; no.10 (the weekly dates were no longer included on the cover after this point)

1973; no.15

1973; no.20

1973; no.26

1973; no.31

1974; no.13

Image scans and info courtesy of Dirk X at HET Verzameloord.

A 1990s version of Disneyland magazine was issued in the Netherlands as well. See it in the next post.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Disney Auctions Seven Dwarfs Bed Pins

Disney Auctions released a series Seven Dwarfs bed pins on January 24, 2004. Each pin is a limited edition of only 100. Dimensions: 2.5" across.

Images via fantasies come true.

Examples of the original card backers.

Japan Disney Store Evil Queen 3-Pin Set

Issued in early 2001, this Evil Queen mini-pin set was available through Japan Disney Store. Original retail 600 yen/set. The three pins include the Queen, the poison apple, and the heart box.

Old-style metal pin backs.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Snow White Magic Mirror Bijou Pin

A Magic Mirror pin featuring Snow White was issued at Disneyland Paris in July of 2016, then online near the end of the year at the Euro Disney Stores. Part of DLP Bijou Pin Collection.
  • Metal mirror-shaped pin inset with white and red rhinestones
  • Bejewelled crown top and patterned frame
  • Printed Snow White cameo
  • Hanging apple charm inset with rhinestones
  • Measures approximately 6 cm  x 3cm
  • Retail: 16,99 €/£16.99

Item no. 207801116004.
Stock images copyright Disney.

2017 Disney Parks Mystery Pin Set

A 2017 Disney Parks Mystery Pin Set was released at Disneyland and Walt Disney World on December 26, 2016. Eight pins total. Sold in blind boxes, two randomly selected pins per package. Retail $14.99/box. The series includes Grumpy, along with Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Peter Pan, Marie, Hercules, and Rapunzel. Pins measure up to 1.75'' high. They were also listed this past week online at the Disney Store.

Disney Store Item No. 7511057370034P.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Snow White Jewelry from Disney Store

Jewelry seen online at the Disney Store back in 2012. All pieces said to be inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Bracelet. Features apple and diamond shapes set within a filgree design. Cast in metal with a gun-metal finish, backed with a faux snakeskin fabric. Measures .875'' H x 2.625"' W x 2.375'' D. Original retail $54.50 (sold out).

Item No. 2727047220687P.

Ring. Metal with black and crystal jewel accents. Dimensions: .75'' W x .875'' Diameter. $39.50.

Item No. 2727047220688M.

Earrings. Post earrings for pierced ears. Metal with black jewel accent. Size: .625'' W x 1'' Diameter. $39.50.

Item No. 2727047220685P. 

Rose Ring. Metal and resin with jewel accent. Dimensions: Size: .75'' W x 1.25'' L. $39.50.

Item No. 2727047220689M.

Rose Earrings. Post earrings for pierced ears. Metal and resin with jewel accent. Size: .5'' Diameter. $39.95.

Item No. 2727047220686P.
Stock images copyright Disney.