Monday, January 26, 2015

Jerry Leigh Grumpy Mugs & Glasses

These mugs and glasses were available in the 2014 Jerry Leigh wholesale merchandise catalog.

Grumpy Proud Since 1937.


Grumpy Is My Name, Attitude Is My Game.

Grumpy Is My Name, Attitude Is My Game.

This Is My Happy Face.

Stock images copyright Jerry Leigh.

Among other things, Jerry Leigh also produced pinstees and keychains.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Slightly Older Evil Queen Tee by Jerry Leigh

"Queen of Evil" tee. Produced by Jerry Leigh. Cotton blend, stretch fit.

Image via emerald-moon.

Jerry Leigh Grumpy Tees & Tops

The Jerry Leigh is a licensed manufacturer of Disney items. A page out of their 2014 wholesale catalog reveals the style of merchandise that they produce...and just what subject matter sells best. Grumpy continues to generate the bucks!

Today we'll focus on the Grumpy tees that were available last year. Typically, none of these would have been found at the theme parks or Disney Store (except maybe an outlet). Jerry Leigh distributes to independently-owned gift shops that sell Disney novelties.

A Grumpy tank and hoodie.

Stock images copyright Jerry Leigh.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

2014 Grumpy Tees

"I'm With Dopey" tee. 100% cotton. Seen online at Junk Food in 2014 (and earlier). Retail $17.00.

Two-piece set, Grumpy tee + shorts for women. 100% cotton. Disney Store January 2014. $24.95.

Disney Store Item No. 4919046861447M.

"The Dopey in You Brings Out the Grumpy in Me" tee for men. 100% organic cotton. Disney Store March 2014. $19.95.

Item No. 5701047785614M.

Grumpy Striped tee for men. 75% organic cotton / 25% polyester. Disney Store March 2014. $19.95.

Item No. 5701047785613M.

"Another Grumpy Day in Paradise" tee. Seen during a visit to WDW in May 2014. Retail $29.95.

"Grumpy Short & Stout" long-sleeve tee. WDW May 2014.

"My Disney Side is Grumpy" tee. WDW May 2014.

"Grumpy 24-7" hoodie for men. Disney Store July 2014. $34.95.

Item No. 5702046395696M.

"Dude with the 'Tude" tee for boys. 100% organic cotton. Disney Store August 2014. $12.95.

Item No. 5601047786843M.

"King of Cranky" tee for men. Regular size green; 100% organic cotton. Plus size gray; 90% organic cotton/10% polyester. Online at the Disney Store September 15, 2014. Retail $19.95/$22.95.

"Who's Grumpy?" tee. 100% organic cotton. Online September 15, 2014. Retail $19.95.

Item No. 5701047785769M.

The Old Man of the Sea" tee for men. 100% cotton. Created especially for Disney Cruise Line but also online at Disney Store September 22, 2014. $24.95.

Item No. 7505055889843M.
Stock images copyright Disney.

" Number One & No Fun" tee. October 2014, photo taken at Epcot's Mouse Gear.

Image copyright Tom Corless via WDW News Today.

Friday, January 23, 2015

2014 Evil Queen Mugs

Tall latte-style Evil Queen Mug. Ceramic. Created especially for Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Also available online at the Disney Store in early 2014. Holds 12 Oz., 5.75'' x 3.25 diameter. Retail $14.95.

Item No. 7509055880873P.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Large Evil Queen Mug. Ceramic. Vintage animation art. Part of the Disney Classic Mug Collection. Issued July 2014. Holds 16 oz., 4.5'' x 4'' diameter. $12.95.

Item No. 6551039732782P.

Additional pics courtesy of drj1828.

Disneyland Paris Villains Evil Queen Mug. Ceramic. Created for Disneyland Paris and online at the Euro Disney Stores, November 2014. 12cm x 9cm. Retail £12.00 (UK), 11,99 € (France/Germany). Similar artwork is seen on the DLP Evil Queen pin (upcoming post).

Item No. 205021014022P.

In an earlier Archive entry, see the 2014 Old Hag Candy Cauldron drinkware.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

2014 Snow White Mugs and Glasses

Snow White Shimmer Mug. Seen online at the Euro Dis Stores in February 2014. Stoneware with shimmering finish. Measures 12cm x 7cm. Retail £7.00 (UK), 12,00 € (France, Germany).

Item No. 416027620624P.

Series of 6 other princess mugs, each sold separately.

Stock images copyright Disney Store.

"Even in the morning, I'm still the Fairest One Of All." Seen at Disneyland in March 2014. Retail $12.95.

Images courtesy of TokyoMagic! of Meet The World.

Another pic from May 2014 at the WDW's World of Disney store.

Sculpted Snow White Mug with raised design elements. Ceramic. Created especially for the Disney US theme parks, but also seen online May 2014. Snow White ''signature'' inside. Dimensions: 5'' x 3.5''. Holds 10 oz. Retail $18.95.

Item No. 7509055880476P.

Snow White Ombre Mug. Stoneware. 13.5cm x 9cm. June 2014 online Euro Disney Stores. £7.00 (UK), 12,00 € (France/Germany).

Item No. 416028801206P.