Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1990s Golden Paper Doll Book

The large format book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Paper Doll, was first published by Golden Books in 1991. It measures 13" x 10" and consists of six one-sided leaves plus the front and back covers.

The first page is made of stiff paperboard and features the perforated dolls of Snow White and the Prince.

The next four leaves are thinner, more like pages found in a sticker book. They include the different changes of clothing for the dolls. Two are dedicated to Snow White, with both work dresses and palace gowns. She has seven garment ensembles in all.

The Prince also has two pages, with a total of six changes of clothes. One is a full suit of armor.

The last leaf in the book is again made from stiff paperboard. It contains a cut-out tote which can be assembled and used to carry around the dolls. Instructions for the tote were printed on the first page.

The back cover has two more outfits, ready for coloring.

Book artwork copyright Disney/Golden.

The book is copyrighted 1991, 1994. Yet, according to online sellers, ISBN 030730244x was also published in 1999. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Snow White Vinylmation Jr. Keychains

Half the size of the regular Vinylmation figures, the Vinylmation Jrs. are just 1.5" tall. The first of the Snow White-themed characters appeared in 2010, with more to follow. Each has an attached keychain which, if desired, can be removed by simply unscrewing from the top of the head. Sold at the theme parks and online at the Disney Store.

Vinylmation Jr. Series #2:

"Snow White" issued June 18, 2010. Artists: Thomas Scott and Maria Clapsis. Original retail price $8.95. Unofficially referred to as the "color block" series, it features designs inspired by famous color combinations. Snow White, of course, is represented by her blue, yellow, and red.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Chip and Dale are the chasers in this set.

Disney Store Item No.7511002521050P.

Each figure was sold separately in a blind box, sealed inside the manufacturer's foil bag.


Vinylmation Jr. Series #6:

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" issued April 20, 2012. Artists: Thomas Scott and Alex Maher. Retail price $9.95 each. A total of 18 figures: Snow White, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Bashful, Evil Queen, Magic Mirror, Prince, Huntsman, Raccoon, Turtle, Bluebird, Deer and two mystery chasers--Old Hag and Rag-Dress Snow.

Set image via rgbplus.

The designs are quite impressive.

Disney Store Item No. 7511002524328P.

The two chasers.

Chaser images via chasing vinylmation.

Even the box artwork was nicely done.

The series was on display at the Disneyland Emporium; photo from July 2012.

Emporium images courtesy of Tokyo Magic! of Meet the World.


Vinylmation Jr. Pairs Series #2:

"Dopey" issued April 27, 2012. Artist: Maria Clapsis. Retail price $16.95. Two-piece set includes Dopey and pop art design. Open window packaging.

Disney Store Item No. 7511002524314P.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Snow White 3" Vinylmation Figures

Vinyl + Animation = Vinylmation

For those who don't know, Vinylmation is a collection of figures sold at the Disney theme parks, with certain ones also available through the Disney Store. As the name suggests, they're made of vinyl. All are shaped with the body of Mickey Mouse, but they differ in character theming and individual artistic designs. The name of each artist is stamped on the bottom.

It was in 2008 that the first 3" Vinylmations were released, sold in "blind boxes" so the purchaser would not know what figure they were getting until opened. The trading of duplicates is encouraged by Disney, much like with pins.

Many different series have been introduced, most with a surprise unknown "chaser" figure. Some collections also include collectible cards or stickers. As the years have progressed, the designs have became more and more creative. Here's a chronological look at all of the officially-released 3" Snow White-themed figures that have been produced to date...

Park Series #1:

"Bad Apple" issued December 19, 2008. Card included. Artist: Randy Noble. Original retail price $9.95.

Park Series #2:

"Snow White's Adventures" issued May 22, 2009. Card included. Artist: Michelle St. Laurent-Sheive. Retail $9.95. Pictured on the ears are Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, and Happy; Snow and Prince on back of head.

Big Eyes Series #1:

"Big Eyes Grumpy" issued May 14, 2010. Card included. Artist: Thomas Scott.

Clear window packaging.

Park Series #5:

"Magic Mirror" issued October 22, 2010. Card included. Artist: Adrianne Draude.

The complete Park #5 series.

Original packaging.

Villain Series #1:

"Old Hag" issued January 31, 2011. Card included. Artist: Gerald Mendez. Retail $9.95. Red apple foot.

Villain Series #2:

"Evil Queen" issued October 22, 2011. No card. Artist: Gerald Mendez. Retail $9.95.

Animation Series #2:

"Dopey" issued January 13, 2012. No card. Artist: Monty Maldovan. Retail $12.95.

Disney Store 25th Anniversary Series:

"Grumpy" issued May 28, 2012. No card. Artist: Jim Valeri. Retail $9.95. Special "light-up" base.

Robot Series #3:

"Grumpy Bot" issued November 19, 2012. No card. Artist: Gerald Mendez. Retail $12.95.

Several reputable Vinylmation sites state that Enrique Pita was the artist for this figure, but Gerald Mendez's name is clearly stamped on the bottom. Unless Disney screwed up somehow during the manufacturing process, we're gonna say this is a Mendez piece.

Animation Series #3:

"Grumpy" issued April 12, 2013. No card. Artist: Ron Cohee. Retail $12.95.

Disney Store Item No.7511002529792P.

Mystery Bakery Series:

"Doc", "Dopey", "Grumpy" issued July 12, 2013. No card. Artist: Ron Cohee. Retail $12.95 each. Cupcake figures with frosting-shaped head masks.

Although these were sold in clear window packages, the identity of the character was still unknown until the frosting mask was removed.

Disney Store Item No. 7511002529813P.

Behind the Mask Series #2:

"Evil Queen" issued July 18, 2013. No card. Artist: Gerald Mendez. Retail $10.00. Limited edition released at the San Diego Comic Con. Remove the mask and the Old Hag is revealed.

The original packaging had a narrow slot through which the buyer could see which character was inside.

Artist Gerald Mendez holding his Evil Queen while at the SDCC.

13 Reflections of Evil Series:

"Evil Queen Daisy Duck" issued September 13, 2013. No card. Artist: Ron Cohee. Retail $16.95 each. Limited edition released at Epcot's Reflections of Evil trading event.

Clear window packaging.

Animation Series #4:

"Sleepy" issued December 13, 2013. No card. Artist: Ron Cohee. Retail $12.95.

Disney Store Item No. 7511055880050P.

The whole tray of 24 boxes with the entire Animation 4 Series. Retail $310.80.

Disney Store Item No. 7511055880051P.

Animation Series #5:

"Doc" issued today, August 22, 2014. No card. Artist: Alex Maher. Retail price $12.95; $207.20 per case.

Disney Store Item No. 7511055880178P

Disney Store Item No. 7511055880179P.

Stock images copyright Disney.

The Snow White figures don't stop here. The Vinylmation Jr. series measures in at just 1.5" tall. Plus there's matching pin collections too. In a future post, we'll also have a look at the custom Vinylmations, which add a real one-of-kind uniqueness to the whole ensemble.