Saturday, April 30, 2016

Snow White's Scary Adventures Windows

Here's a set of stained glass lattice windows from the former Snow White's Scary Adventures ride at Walt Disney World. They probably date from before the attraction underwent its 1994 renovation.

The glass measures 11.5" x 36" and is housed in the original sturdy wood sashes, approximately 16" x 43". They look just as they did when removed from the theme park.

Image via Profiles of History.

Friday, April 22, 2016

1939 Blanche-Neige Photoplay School Study Guide

The Photoplay Studies were a series of booklets designed for use in elementary and high school classrooms. The goal was to employ the study of film as an engaging teaching tool. In Volume V, Number 7, we find the curriculum focused on foreign language with the subject matter being Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains--the French version of Snow White. The book is copyrighted 1939 by Educational and Recreational Guides, Inc., USA.

In an earlier Archive entry, see the 1937 Photoplay issue on Snow White.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

1966 Snow White "Talking Telephone" by Hasbro

Kids could "talk to" Snow White and each of the Seven Dwarfs with this 1966 Hasbro Talking Telephone. It was issued with 8 two-sided plastic records, one for each character. Discs are inserted into the back of the phone. Battery powered.

Other Disney Talking Telephones in the Hasbro line included Mickey Mouse, Jungle Book, and Mary Poppins. Watch this 1967 TV commercial, featuring the commentator voice of Paul Frees.

Video posted by D Heine.

A couple screen captures from the video...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Snow White "Safety Blocks" by Halsam

A boxed set of 18 wooden blocks produced by Halsam, referred to as "Safety Blocks" because of their non-toxic colors and rounded corners and edges. Printed on the side of the box is "By special permission of Walt Disney Enterprises" which dates the set to circa 1938.

The blocks feature raised images of Snow White (two different poses), the Prince, the Seven Dwarfs, plus the ever-popular Donald Duck.

Box cover and side panels.

Images via curiosityshoppega1.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1938 "Famous Movie Story" Book by K.K. Publications

The Famous Movie Story of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, issued by K.K. Publications, Inc. (a subsidiary of Western Publishing, named after Kay Kamen). Softcover book, 15 pages. Measures 10" x 9.25". "Copyright 1938 by Walt Disney Enterprises, Hollywood, Calif." Original retail price 10¢.

A few sample pages. Both color and B&W illustrations.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/K.K. Publications 1938. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

Special thanks to the Michael Filippello Collection for sharing these images.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

UK Super 8 Film from Derann

In 1994, along with the VHS, a special collector's edition of Snow White was issued on super 8mm by Derann Film Services in the United Kingdom. It consisted of 180 meters on three reels. Also included were the original 1937 trailer and the 1994 trailer.

The super 8 box.

Images and info courtesy of the Nunziante Valoroso Collection.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

1960s Regina Confections Disney Trading Cards

In the early 1960s, Regina Confections Ltd. of New Zealand produced the Disney Bar, a chocolate covered pineapple-flavored chew-bar. Inside each package were two Disney character trading cards. A total of 33 cards in all. Full color illustration on the face side, text on the back. Measure approximately 3.5" x 2.5" (9.5 x 6.5cm). Issued in both New Zealand and Australia. Snow White and the dwarfs were included in the series.

Snow White Card No. 11; Grumpy Card No. 13.

Original wrapper.

Wrapper images via scanlens museum.

Dopey No. 12.

Note that no copyright date is listed on the back of this card.

Yet, some cards have been found, such as this Ludwig Van Drake, with a 1961 imprint.

Doc No. 14.

Happy No. 15.

Bashful No. 16.

Sleepy No. 17.

Sneezy No. 18.

Special thanks to Cheryl Ridge for sharing the Seven Dwarfs card images and information from her collection.

A few others in the collection.

Image via macgruber1401.

The complete set list from Jeff Alexander's House of Checklists:
1. Ludvig Von Drake, 2. Mickey Mouse, 3. Donald Duck, 4. Pluto, 5. Goofy, 6. Minnie Mouse, 7. Happy, 8. Daisy Duck, 9. Huey Dewey, 10. Louie, 11. Snow White, 12. Dopey, 13. Grumpy, 14. Doc, 15. Happy, 16. Bashful, 17. Sleepy, 18. Sneezy, 19. Dumbo, 20. Pinocchio, 21. Jiminy Cricket, 22. Figaro, 23. Monstro, 24. Casey Jr., 25. Cinderella, 26. Gus, 27. Jac, 28. Bambi, 29. Flower, 30. Thumper,  31. Wart, 32. Archimedes, 33. Merlin.

Around the same time period, a similar set of 24 cards--using the identical illustrations--was issued in Australia inside packets of GFC Carnival Candy Corn.