Sunday, February 7, 2010

1956 US Snow White Soundtrack Record WDL-4005

The very first Snow White soundtrack was issued in 1938 on the RCA Victor Records and His Master’s Voice labels. Our friend Kenneth Sundberg over at the KenNetti Snow White Database shares more:

After the initial three-record set of 1938...there has been countless releases of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs albums with slight – or major – differences in presenting the music. The legendary Disneyland Records producer Salvador "Tutti" Camarata set the standard for a Disney soundtrack release in 1956 with the first WDL Long Playing Records. Camarata became famous for watching Disney's movies with his eyes closed, to be able to choose the best bits of orchestral music for the soundtrack albums. The original WDL release of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs soundtrack, produced by Camarata and released in 1956, became the basis for all later Snow White albums that included music and songs from the movie. This soundtrack album has been re-released countless times in one shape or another, some instrumental portions omitted, and with different cover art each time.

The WDL-4000 series were the first discs produced on the Disneyland Record label. According to R. Michael Murray in The Golden Age of Walt Disney Records, the albums had "vibrant cover graphics and colors, substantial cardboard covers and were excellent vinyl pressings." Adults, not children, were the target audience for these records. However, this would change when sales did not live up to expectations.

As Kenneth mentioned, the first Snow White album was released in 1956. Catalog no. WDL-4005. Green Disneyland Record logo in upper left front corner of cover. Vinyl 12" disc, 3313 rpm. Total run time approximately 33 minutes. Original retail price $4.98.

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